Mysskin’s three plans after Thupparivalan

Director Mysskin has opened up on his genre of interests that he would love to make after Thupparivalan.

News 22-May-2017 12:37 PM IST RM Comments

Filmmaker Mysskin has always been found of detective based stories and had attempted it with his inmost core of interest over ‘Yuddham Sei’. But he strongly believes that his upcoming film ‘Thupparivalan’ starring Vishal and Prasanna in lead roles would do more justice to the genre. In his recent interview, the filmmaker has opened up saying, “I always wanted to make more movies based on detective. Over here, Vishal will be seen in an unconventional avatar. Right from the early stages of my life, I have had a strong admiration towards Sherlock Holmes and this one would be of that sort.”

Speaking about his plans of working on forthcoming projects, Mysskin unveils that he would like to experiment on three different genres – thriller based on serial killings, sci-fi and a period film.

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