Actor Karthi – Spreading the Empyreal of insatiable passion and resplendent allegiance

Actor Karthi – Spreading the Empyreal of insatiable passion and resplendent allegiance

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“Acting means living, it’s all I do and I’m good at. If I weren’t getting paid well, I would be still acting in a small troupe somewhere.” An intrinsic nature of any man that blatantly barks through their souls and senses, but confined within and that’s an insatiable passion that any actor would carry it as a baggage….

What sparks off immensely as we look into the journey of Karthi is that a top-notch academic student, who had his very own style of being perfectionist in the field of engineering. He could done anything else with his vigorous knowledge, but again few exceptional cases prove this theory - “You didn’t choose me… I chose you…” A famous quote from the spiritual books and apparently, for the ones who claim ‘Cinema to be their God or Almighty’, they need not choose it and instead it will bring them for a much more glory.

It could have been a different debut for Karthi when he was offered by Maniratnam to play the role of Arjun in ‘Aayutha Ezhuthu’, but he was so conscious that he didn’t want to take a blind leap, but be imbibed to the soul of cinema. Many don’t know that he was completely active in the promotional tool for the movie with posters and website designing too. Not many know the fact that he ideated more into the creative designing of Paruthiveeran and Kaakha Kaakha.

He has always been sweetest friend of showbiz and the graceful memory of the huge film fraternity from actor Vijay to everyone in the industry appeared for the special occasions to wish him.

Well, everyone knows the fact that he had to go through the emotional turmoil under sun baked moments and toilsome phases. But it isn’t just the Karthi you saw in the making videos of Paruthiveeran, but very few know how he prepared himself physically and mentally for the role even before the shoot. That simplicity in attitude and unquenchable passion still keeps him synonymous to ‘Paruthiveeran’ even 10 years of his arrival.

Whilst many would prefer rejuvenating after a long phase of grueling efforts and look up for a chill breezy Rom-Com, he continued to raise the bars of toughness with Aayirathil Oruvan. Weeks and months of walking through different soils and getting the skins scorched up and yes, he yet again proved an inevitable energy him and rest of his films become a box office success.

His transformation into a super cool romantic urban boy in Paiyaa and yet another unconventional protagonist in Naan Mahaan Alla followed by a power-packed performance in box office blockbuster hit ‘Siruthai’ escalated him to the greater domain.

There are few films that you shouldn’t miss to watch before you die and definitely, Karthi’s Thozha essentially fulfils this illustration. A characterization that fervently manifests the joy of living, sharing and bringing change into someone’s life…

While many offers filled up his kitty with stereotypical offers, he kept his leaps ready for different experiments and who could go tonsuring head for a daring role of a villainous antagonist in Kaashmora and even before the film could release, he just left us awestruck with a slim and lean super cool look for Maniratnam’s Kaatru Veliyidai. Without going for hiatus to enjoy the pleasure of breaks and holidays, he instantly took his work ahead running and gliding across the sizzling deserts.

But guess what makes him more enchanting than being just a DEDICATED PERFORMER, his good-hearted nature, down-to-earth gesture, where one wouldn’t feel they are talking to a star, but a boy at next door, who wouldn’t mind serving you coffee at his place and surprise you with his child like curious talks about any topic under the sun. A philanthropist not for the sake of stealing pubic glare, but taking it as a fortified responsibility of a good human…. “Don’t tell that other actors and I have done so much during Chennai floods, even a dog did its best than us for the situation to save its puppy,” what else do you need to prove his innocuous nature than these words.

Happy Birthday Karthi….
We wish to see more surprises and enthrallments than these 10 years for more ages to come.

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