Sachin – A Billion Dreams Movie Review

Such happens to the unstoppable expressions of eye-moistening joyful emotions

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Where to start and to end? A predominate thought that gushes relentlessly before beginning to analyse ‘Sachin – A Billion Dreams’, directed by Emmy-nominated James Erskine. Possibly, a blatant call that any reviewer or critic would go through this moment before dropping their ideas on laptops or papers, remember this is sure to happen! It’s not just about revisiting the days of Sachin, but your very own life too at places. Watching ‘Sachin’, a film biopic made at Docu-Drama style, it doesn’t fall short of expectations. The earnest reason is that filmmaker James Erskine deciding to bring in Sachin Tendulkar himself narrating the tale of his journey. The 5-yr old boy to the Master Blaster giving a heart-warming speech at his last matches and guess what? It’s not the fictionalized or self-aggrandizing self-promotional film that few attempted before, but here you find his greatest challengers Shane Warne, Wasim Akram, Brian Lara and the greatest cricketers of his times sharing their praises.

Watch out for Shane Warne jocularly adding, “Sachin would take me his home at midnight for food and play great music. I would often doubt is it a plan for next-day match.”

The one that comes from Wasim Akram on sharing the first match with Sachin Tendulkar, where his non-verbal warning to the small chap with unconventional drives and how he reverted with an unbreakable momentum turns to be much more incredible…

One thing that again and again reminiscences us is that the film blindly doesn’t praise up Sachin, but it brings plethora of inspirations. Most of the shots are footages, especially candid moments with the family of Sachin Tendulkar warm us up that a person’s success doesn’t bank on his self efficiency, but an unconditional love from family. The lump in throat moments, where he narrates the nightmarish moment in his life of his father passing away while he was playing World Cup at South Africa… These instances just leave us emotionally bounded up, especially with AR Rahman offering his musical adorations. One thing that we need to appreciate ARR is that he underplays at most of the places. Especially for the footage of Sachin-Anjali marriage, where he refrains from scoring music and allows the real background song of Jagjit Singh Ghazal and on the other end scoring ‘Vande Maataram’ during the world cup winning night.

The inner conflicts that occurred during his first tenure of captaincy, where some of the senior players played havoc in getting the team win even the simplest matches and how he tried to keep away from such scenarios now offers a clear solution to the unanswered mysteries during late 90s.

Finally, to end the show with his farewell speech, which still keeps us brooding with whispers of yearning thoughts – Can Sachin come back again? We don’t his journey to end….

Such happens to the unstoppable expressions of eye-moistening joyful emotions as we walk out of theatres after watching ‘Sachin – A Billions’.

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