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Direction : Radha Mohan
Production : Vansan Movies
Starring : Vivek, Arulnithi, Tanya
Music : Vishal Chandrasekhar
Cinematography : M. S. Vivekanand
Editing : T S Jay

Offering some of the breezy decent entertainers like Mozhi, Abhiyum Naanum and few more films, Radha Mohan is back with ‘Brindavanam’ starring Arulnidhi, Vivek and Tanya Ravichandran in lead roles.


Set against the backdrops of paradisiacal lands of Ooty, the story revolves around the life of Arulnidhi, an orphaned boy with hearing and speech impairment. He works in a saloon and actor Vivek who often visits this hill station gets acquainted with this innocuous boy. He comes to know about Tanya Ravichandran madly in love with Arulnidhi and the latter ignoring her proposal. Furthermore, Vivek get appalled to know about the hidden past of Arulnidhi on how he become orphan and speech impaired. Yet another mystery about Vivek’s frequent visit to Ooty is also revealed by the latter point of time as he tries to bring both Arulnidhi and Tanya united.


Although the film faintly reminiscences of Radha Mohan’s yesteryear hit movie ‘Mozhi’, the similarities end up very sooner as the story premise and treatment is completely different. The film blends humour and emotional quotients together, where audiences can sit back and relax this decent entertainer that has a running length of 2hrs 15 minutes. The flashback sequences involving Arulnidhi, Vivek’s sacrifice for the sake of his desolated friend and his humorous episodes with Cell Murugan and Doubt Senthil has been very well narrated. The episodes involving Arulnidhi and Tanya have been decorously and naturally projected. But as the story moves towards the climax portions, there seems to be a slight stumbling down the writing as it reminds us off few films with same ending. The dialogues penned by Pon Radhakrishnan deserve special mention and the scenic beauty of Ooty captured by MS Prabhu embellishes the frames. Vishal Chandrashekar fails to impress us with his songs, but is perfect with background score.


Arulnidhi as a person with speech and hearing impairment does a wonderful job, but it looks like he exceeds the limits of being over emotional in few places. Tanya Ravichandran proved her proficiency in performance right with her debut film and she continues to express her best spell here too. Actor Vivek appearing as himself does a wonderful job on the emotional and humorous notes. MS Bhaskar, Thalaivasal Vijay and others have done their best as required to the script and characterization.

What works?

1. Comedy
2. Performance of star-cast
3. Dialogues

What doesn’t work?

1. Few scenes look faintly older
2. Songs
3. Climax

To make a precise mark, the film is recommended for the audiences who enjoyed Radha Mohan’s erstwhile movies like Mozhi and Abhiyum Naanum.

Verdict : Garden of blissful entertainment

Rating : 5/10

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