Thondan Movie Review

Too preachy and passably gripping

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Direction : Samuthirakani
Production : Vasundara Devi Cine Films
Starring : Vikranth, Samuthirakani, Sunaina
Music : Justin Prabhakaran
Cinematography : Richard M. Nathan

With his previous outing ‘Appa’ focusing on the theme of raising children, Samuthirakani comes up with his new film ‘Thondan’ that yet again focalizes on a serious social theme laced with fictional drama.


Samuthirakani plays a military officer, who resigns his service and joins as Ambulance Pilot – Motive? He lost his mother due to inadequate ambulance service and thus wants it not to get repeated with any other life. On such a circumstance, he tries to save the life of a dying person who is attacked by Nama Narayanan, son of rich wealthy minister Gnana Sambandam. On saving his life, Samuthirakani faces serious consequences from Namo Narayanan of his father and his conceived wife (Sunaina) life put at stake. How he settles score with the opponents in the way of Non-Violence.


Samuthirakani has always tried to pull more focus upon the social based issues in terms of political panorama and cultural context as well. This film has lots of such instances, where he expresses his opinions through blunt statements over the seriously disturbing instances like brutal murder of a girl at the railway station, the massacre of girl students inside colleges, the suicide of farmers, the declination of bulls that culminates our culture, Methane issues, political crimes and lots more issues have been showcased through the powerful dialogues. The film evidently shows that Samuthirakani has lots of affinity towards social development and offering some solution to the prevailing crisis. But then, with these issues being already a blatant one to everyone of us, it doesn’t gain much impact as we watch them being discussed in the film and it doesn’t impress us vividly. The initial moments of the film has some gripping elements and later it falls into sluggish scenario except for the comedy tracks of Ganja Karuppu. Nevertheless, the post-intermission sequences gains momentum with strong writing that proceeds with engaging aspects till the end. The message conveyed through the fact that ‘Good or Bad doesn’t matter, to everyone life is same and it has to be saved and not ruined’ gains our interest.

Justin Prabhakaran strikes up with brilliant efforts over the background score and he could have delivered the same with songs too. The cinematography by N.K. Ekambaram and Richard M Nathan are real blessing to the film. Had the editor AL Ramesh made some perfect transit during the first half with his cuts, the entire film would have been much more gripping.


With his usual nuance performance, Samuthirakani steals the show. The scene where he utters the complete list of Bulls declined from our Tamil history gains intense applause. Sunaina appears almost like an extended cameo, but she makes a blissful performance. Vikranth appears with substantial characterization and his episodes with Samuthirakani are really appreciable. Arthana as Samuthirakani sister, Thambi Ramaiah as IT officer, Gnana Sambandham as minister and Namo Narayanan as his son, Soundarajan playing another son of minister, who brutally gets killed by college girls, comedy tracks by Soori, performance by Vela Ramamoorthy appearing Samuthirakani father have excelled with their performances.

What works?

1. Basic premise of story that evokes social awareness.
2. Second half
3. Performance of actors

What doesn’t work?

1. First half.
2. Lots of preachy scenes.
3. Editing.

Every artist has a social responsibility and it has to be maintained with high conscious. If there could be one person illustrious of such gestures, it is definitely Samuthirakani, who has consistently showcased such instances in his movies and ‘Thondan’ too proves to be a perfect exemplification. But lots of preaching upon social messages turns out to be a constraint of ‘Thondan’ becoming a gripping entertainer.

Verdict : Too preachy and passably gripping.

Rating : 4.5/10

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