Spyder Teaser Review

Spyder Teaser Review

Features 1-Jun-2017 1:42 PM IST RM Comments

A wait that was loaded with unlimited exhilarations and inevitable excitements! The most fascinating moments for the fans to celebrate kept pushed up, even till yesterday due to unexpected loss to Telugu film industry. Finally, the trumpets had its blow by this morning as the first glimpse upon Mahesh Babu’s Spyder was unveiled before few minutes.

When it happens to be a teaser or first look glimpse from a superstar film, it is eventually something that will stick to the portfolio look of the respective star. Eventually, what we get to see in Mahesh Babu’s Spyder is nothing much less than this aspect. It’s just a TILT-UP shot of Mahesh Babu, which embodies a routine way to enhance heroes. But at the same of point of time, we can be pretty sure assured about one thing, it’s going to be an out and out gadget based spy thriller as the robotic spider camera that climbs up to Mahesh Babu. It is worth mentioning that this will be a Desi version of James Bond. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that there were recent claims that the climax of Kavan has some similarities with this film too, which made the makers, go for reshoot. Moreover with these gadgets domain, it could be furthermore intensifying as predicted.

It looks like the music we get to see in the backdrops might be the signature theme of this movie, which is quite enthralling, but then, we don’t see the efficiency of cinematographer Santosh Shivan out here. Maybe, we need to wait and watch out for the complete teaser or theatrical trailer.

At this moment, this isn’t a glimpse, but something that is made for the fervent fans of Mahesh Babu just like another teaser that is released on the Tollywood actors’ birthdays. But we can be very much equipped with high expectations hoping that theatrical trailer will bring more drama including Mahesh Babu, Rakul Preet Singh and SJ Suryah together.

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