Tube Light Movie Review

Perfectly written tale that slightly flickers with middling screenplay

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Direction : Indra
Production : Ostrich Films
Starring : Indra, Adithi, Pandiarajan
Music : Indra
Cinematography : Sridhar
Editing : CS Prem

The contemporary league of filmmakers in Tamil cinema has been consistently involved over the conceptualization of good themed movies, which have been constantly witnessing good reception. Across the league comes ‘Tube Light’, which is written, directed and music composed by debutant Indra, who plays the lead role as well.


The film traverses through the life of a crooked youngster (Indra), who chisels a man in the form of a girl like disguise snatching the money. On the way back home, we get to see that he is hit by an accident and eventually gains a trouble of hearing impairment. The situation is rare as he gets to hear conversations and words only few seconds after someone speaks it out. During this juncture, he decides to undergo treatment and over there is a doctor named Aditi who is involved giving therapy to such unprivileged patients. As they begin to converse during the treatment, they fall in love and during time that Indra decides to propose, someone abducts Aditi. Indra now embarks on his critical mission to save her. With many unanswered questions like who kidnapped her and what their motives are, the film travels up towards the end.


As soon as we are done watching the film, what comes immediately to our mind is that we’re awe-inspired by the new attempt of a unique theme. Indra deserves a special mention for coming up with a decent craftsmanship over this concept. But on the pars, it would have definitely gripping if he had made the screenplay more engaging, especially during the second half. The first hour proceeds with lively moments that are interlaced with fun filled drama, but sooner after the intermission, the dramatic situations get little confusing for the audiences. It could have been better if Indra had made it look engrossing by the second hour. The cinematography definitely needs special mention for the innovative camera angles and editing should have been better at its place to keep the transition between the scenes engaging.


Indra deserves special mention for making a screen presence not indulging in action and heroism. He offers a naturalistic performance that makes him much more noticeable. Aditi in the role of an innocuous girl exerts a decorous act, especially during the scenes where she is unaware about Indra’s hearing issues and her reactions. Pandiya Rajan appearing as a chief doctor with the pathetic situation of his inability to treat even a single patient is the pinnacle of humour. The actors Praveen Prem, Vinoth and the baddie played by Thiri Bhuvan have delivered the best as demanded for the roles.

What works?

1. New pattern of story
2. First half

What doesn’t work?

1. Screenplay
2. Few confusing aspects in second half narration

Coming up with a different styled story, there are more probabilities for the young audiences to enjoy this film.

Verdict : Perfectly written tale that slightly flickers with middling screenplay

Rating : 3.5/10

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