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Impressing first 10 minutes followed by unimpressive rest

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Direction : S. R. Prabhakaran
Production : Sathya Jyothi Films
Starring : Vikram Prabhu, Manjima Mohan, Kavin, Aishwarya Dutta
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography : Sivakumar Vijayan

Vikram Prabhu-Manjima Mohan starrer ‘Sathriyan’ that was earlier titled as ‘Mudi Sooda Mannan’ is directed by SR Prabhakaran and is produced by Sathya Jyothi Films. Let us have a look on how far it justified the powerful title to its theme and presentation.


The film traverses through the hurdles of a growing don (Vikram Prabhu), who faces crucial test of emotional relationship that takes him through unexpected trials of friendship, love, betrayals, fate and destiny.


The first 10 minutes into the film – the prologue like sequence before the title credits, we are strongly glued up to the screens, where SR Prabhakaran establishes a substantial drama. But sooner, everything get collapsed with an ridiculous placement of introduction party song, where the entire group of a reigning don who has passed away and it’s not even 10 days. A message from the onscreen rowdies and gangsters – Snake is the cause of Snake Charmer’s death and so for the ones who handles Knife. SR Prabhakaran trying to convey here is done only by the climax portion, where Vikram Prabhu preaches just like Aravind Swamy reforming Hindu-Muslim communal violence with his long emotional speech in 1993 Maniratnam film ‘Bombay’…

Lots of perplexities persist throughout the drama – No proper justification for Manjima Mohan falling in love with Vikram Prabhu. The reason glorified is he has been following her as bodyguard for 2 months and his sudden absence thrusts LOVE in her. The cops and politicians appraise the two partied gangsters of Trichy as the dreaded ones. In fact, Vikram Prabhu self-aggrandizes his strong domain to Manjima Mohan, but then we never see even a single act proving them as dreaded rowdies. The top of ridiculousness is Arul Doss claiming him to be the King of Trichy and he never does anything throughout the show, except the amateurish street fight with Vikram Prabhu during the penultimate to climax sequence.

SR Prabhakaran had impressed us with a much convincing debut ‘Sundarapandian’, which celebrated the nuance performances, strong characterizations and an engrossing drama. His second outing ‘Idhu Kathiravelan Kadhal’ in spite of mixed response was a pretty much enjoyable entertainer, but this comes as an odd outing.

Except for the power-packed background score of Yuvan Shankar Raja and stunning visuals of cinematographer, nothing keeps us hooked up to the film.


Vikram Prabhu is outstanding with his facial expressions and body language. He retains the toughness and silence refraining from loud pitched punch dialogues. Manjima Mohan is a strong disappointment and she doesn’t have anything to perform here. Her characterization just falls short of what is called a substantial one.

How can a pretty much familiar actors like Sharath Lohitsava, Narain, Aishwarya Dutta and few others could be wasted with just minimal portions. Yogi Babu does nothing except couple of ridiculous comedic sequences in the initial moments.

What works?

1. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s Background Score
2. Cinematography

What doesn’t work?

Almost everything in the narrative aspects including screenplay and characterizations.

When a title of yesteryear blockbuster movie, we could expect something at least half of its intensity to be witnessed here. Even not so, the title doesn’t do any justification to the film and it sticks with mediocre moments.

Verdict : Impressing first 10 minutes followed by unimpressive rest.

Rating : 3/10

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