Ivan Thanthiran Music Review

Doesn’t impress easily…. Thaman’s yet another low fare

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Gautham Karthik-Shraddha Srinath starrer ‘Ivan Thanthiran’ is directed by Kannan with Thaman composing music. The album has 4 tracks and let us has a sneak peek into the numbers with a vivid analysis.

Vocal: Rahul Nambiar
Lyrics: Arunraja Kamaraj

It sounds like an introduction song, where it has a very usual and timeworn pattern of lyrical lines. Rahul Nambiar has delivered lots of Chartbusters, but this one is sounding too ordinary and it has least chances to click well with the audiences. Maybe with the visuals and some good choreography, it could make a better scenario. But Thaman doesn’t try anything special and his regular usage of instrumentals in the Kuthu number is used here again.

Ivan Thanthiran
Vocals: Deepak and Yazin
Lyrics: Vivek

The song’s rhythmic accompaniment and entire composing slightly reminds us off Thaman’s recent song ‘Shivalinga’. Even the intonating style by Deepak and Yazin persists to be the same. There is no specialty in the musical aspects and it is too casual and below average fare. Nevertheless, the lyrical lines by Vivek is somewhat enhances our attention, but gradually gets declined by the mediocre musical score.

Vocals: Sanjana Kalmajie and Yazin Nizar
Lyrics: Vivek

Just play the Karaoke version of this song and you’ll instantly get to sense that a famous melodious song from ‘Majaa’ starring Vikram and Asin. It is really puzzling to hear why Thaman gets to make his singer in a stereotypical vocalism, with more computerization in the effects. Yet again, an impressive work by Vivek and when compared to the previous songs in the album, this is quite passable to the hearing senses.

Medhakkavitta Theme

When compared to the song, the theme music instantaneously gains our attention. A pretty good job by Thaman with this track, where he makes use of piano, harmonica and flutes in a much exquisite style…

Overall, the songs of ‘Ivan Thanthiran’ are just limited to 4 tracks, which gives an assumption the film doesn’t need songs, might be for the raciness that he would have projected. But then, when it comes to analyzing the album, Thaman disappoints with this album.

Verdict : Doesn’t impress easily…. Thaman’s yet another low fare.

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