Peechaankai Movie Review

Very least entertaining with tedious narration

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Direction : Ashok
Production : Kirukkargal Koodam Presents
Starring : MS Bhaskar, RS Karthik, Anjali Rao
Music : Balamurali Balu
Cinematography : Gautham Rajendran
Editing : Jomin Mathew

Lots of new patterned themes are being involved in the production of Tamil cinema, where they have managed to impress the audiences beyond our boundaries too. Such films with no big star-cast or technicians, produced at a very low budget fare have excelled for its substantial content. Let us check out if Peechaankai belongs to this league, directed by debut filmmaker Ashok starring Maanagaram fame Karthik and Anjali Rao in lead roles.


A petty thief and pickpocket keep the livelihood of left-handed Karthik happening with picture perfect life, until he faces an accident and incurs ‘Alien Hand Syndrome’. Things turn out to be hilariously erroneous with his left hand creating havoc in his activities. Meanwhile, a group of thugs assigns him to loot up a mobile camera from a politician, which takes him through unexpected trials and tribulations laced with humour.


The league of short filmmakers consistently making their way into showbiz with their directorial journey has been pretty much positive till the date. Ashok who has been shot to fame for some of his best short films at TV reality show Naalaiya Iyakkunar tries to place a strong footprint with his debut attempt, but then he fails to execute the basic theme. Well, the basic concept of ‘Alien Hand Syndrome’ hasn’t been properly projected and it has been modified in accordance to the own interests of writers and director. Moreover, it takes nearly intermission to get into the story and till then, we are tested with some irrelevant sequences. Yes, it’s a black comedy and we cannot criticize about the humour at unexpected places, but then, they don’t make any sensible approach at many places. Say for instance, the characterizations of kidnappers are really absurd to see them like cartoon caricatures. The background score is groovy in few places, but the same theme music seems to be repeated over and again. The cinematography looks really mediocre and editing has been completely denied of what a transition should look like..


Karthik playing the role of a protagonist with alien hand syndrome has done an excellent job. He has done impeccable justice to his characterization. The way he exhibits his body language through the hands creates a stir of humour. In spite of the fact that the film has lots of loopholes, he does his best to nurture the role. Anjali Rao has looked prettier in her erstwhile movies like Soodhu Kavvum, Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada and few more in spite of her miniscule appearances. But here, she looks feeble in contrast and even her characterization is so bleak. MS Bhaskar has been wasted with a very ordinary role and others don’t have much to be appreciated too.

What work?

1. Stars Performance
2. Few Comedies

What doesn’t work?

1. Screenplay
2. Everything involving technical department
3. Logic missing in many instances

As on whole, Peechaankai doesn’t impress us thoroughly and it tickles our funny bones in dearth. It could have been a better film if the script was yet more carefully nurtured with an engaging screenplay.

Verdict : Very least entertaining with tedious narration.

Rating : 3.5/10

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