Ivan Thanthiran Trailer Review – Brings up some sensational thought

Ivan Thanthiran Trailer Review

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The trend of engineers in imploring call for redemption has been the talk of many seasons. More movies based on this theme have called up for our attention that includes Dhanush’s magnum opus Velai Illa Pattadhaari, which claimed to be a huge success. Aftermath, there have been pretty lined up queues of such movies that made a decorous impact and few went unnoticed.

The latest one to addition of this club if Kannan’s Ivan Thanthiran, which speaks about ‘Reverse Engineering’ and the trailer recently launched has a running length of 2mins 07 seconds. The primary quotient that turns to be the cynosure is that lots of dramas are happening in this trailer. When compared to the erstwhile movie presentations either with visual promos or the entire feature, Ivan Thanthiran gives an impression that it’s going to be somewhat different. Somewhere in the middle, we get to see that it has some slightest fainting memories of Atharvaa Murali starrer ‘Kanithan’, but the concept is totally different as we can sense it deliberately.

Gautham Karthik is spotted with a much matured look and screen presence than his previous movies. It shows up his dedication towards the role. Shraddha Srinath was so much cute and beautiful in ‘U-Turn’, but she suddenly looks little aged and has elderly looks than Gautham Karthik. RJ Balaji can be regarded as the immediate attraction as he springs up with usual hilarious witticisms. There are lots more with the characterizations and the crowded mob by the end too speaks off something more socially critical issue.

With the technical department, the musical score by Thaman is a huge disappointment, which doesn’t make a real good impression and cinematography is somewhat commendable.

Over the end of trailer, we can have clear idea that there is something with unique concept and good engaging narration in Ivan Thanthiran. Let us hope we get what we perceived through the full length feature.

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