Pandigai Trailer Review

Pandigai Trailer Review

Features 16-Jun-2017 11:37 AM IST RM Comments

Krishna has been too choosy with the kind of scripts he has been making over the times. In spite of some being succumbed to mixed reviews, few not stealing the show and some sweeping through our attention, he has never been compromising. The actor has been getting through a much commendable attitude of picking them. His upcoming outing ‘Pandigai’ too seemingly looks like a good choice, where the trailer with running length of 1 minute 47 seconds gives such impression.

It is so much illustrious that the movie has resemblances of ‘Fight Club’! That’s an obvious statement that any amateur or so-called world cinema lovers would instantly come up drawing their conclusions, but then it is clearly visible that there are no such similarities except the basic premise of ‘UNDERGROUND FIGHT CLUB’. The trailer also reveals that it is not going to be merely a fighter world, but has some heist factor too involved.

The presentation of visuals is worthy of appreciations and so is the background score. It looks like there is a very little importance for romantic episodes, which is narrated here in just 10-15 seconds, but they look really convincing.

After a long time, we might get to see Saravanan of Paruthiveeran fame getting a substantial role and one more surprise is the changeover of Nithin Sathya.

As of now, Pandigai trailer gives an impression that it could be a decent one, but it might gain impact only after the audiences spread the word after watching the movie.

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