Kurangu Bommai Trailer Review – A father-son emotional drama with toast of mystery and thriller

A father-son emotional drama with toast of mystery and thriller

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How far it is easy to impress an audience with a trailer that doesn’t have much bigger star-cast and technicians? Definitely, it’s not a tremendous one that would give an impulsive impact, but what happens with Nithilan directorial ‘Kurangu Bommai’ is something different and unique. The 100-sec theatrical trailer clearly embellishes our perception with what this drama is all about.

There is couple of premises that we are introduced within a short span of time.

1. A father in search of his son
2. A serious issue of a precious statue worth billion rupees worth stolen.

Then we find Bharathiraja as a perfect illustration of an innocent father in search of his son, which is played by Viddarth. Bharathiraja emblazons the screen with his versatile screen presence. But by the end of trailer, we are bounded to a doubtful gesture of whether is he really innocent or has a hidden shade lying beneath him.

Abhinav Sundar Nayak deserves special mention for his brilliant cuts of transition and not to miss the musical score by Ajaneesh Loknath. Listen to the background score without looking into the credits, then you would make a sensible decision that Maestro Ilayaraja is on the chords. Such a professional musical work by Ajaneesh. The cinematography too has its own placement of attention with certain tone of tense mood set by Udhayakumar.

Kurangu Bommai trailer defines there is a strong emotional drama with some suspense and thrill elements involved. If it gets a big banner or studio to get it released, then the movie surely has a scope to score big.

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