Uru Movie Review

Lengthy duration, unwanted episodes in first half and climax spoils the game.

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Direction : Vicky Anand
Production : Vaiyam Medias
Starring : Kalaiyarasan, Dhansika
Music : Johan Shevanesh
Cinematography : Prasanna S Kumar
Editing : Sanlokesh

Psychological thrillers haven’t been witnessed in plethora when it comes to Tamil cinema, but when occurred on the screens, they have certainly made an impact. URU is directed by debut filmmaker Vicky Anand, which is set against the same backdrops of an intense psychological thriller starring Kalaiyarasan and Dhansika in lead roles with Mime Gopi, Daniel Anne Pope, Tamil Selvi and Karthik in important roles.


Kalaiyarasan, once a topmost novelist has now become an outdated one with his works remained in shelves unsold. He decides to change his genre towards horror-thriller to make a spin of fortune and decides to leave for Meghamalai to complete the work. But sooner, he starts experiencing some paranormal activities in the house. His wife Dhansika fearing about his absence of communication travels to the same place and eventually gets confined to the ‘Walls of Death’. Will they survive the inevitable danger or succumb to fate forms crux of the story.


There have been similar movies in the recent times, say before 3-4 years, where we have seen many such instances of hero or heroine stuck inside a house due to a supernatural issue or preferably, a psychopath on the hunt. This one is no different and when it comes to analyzing ‘URU’ it really has lots of obstacles for bringing more lights into the second hour might turn out to be a spoiler, which indeed might not a real super surprise even when you watch in theatres. Almost the first hour doesn’t hit the bull’s eye and it’s only by the point of intermission, we are commuted to the world of ‘When a Stranger Calls’ or ‘Hush’, which audiences might relate with its premise. The second half does have some impressive moments, especially the sequences of Dhansika attempting to escape. The entire team of writers and technicians in the second half making really deserve special mention… If those 30 minutes of screenplay had been written in words, it would have not been more than 2 pages, for it is completely narrated with action. But then as the story travels towards climax, the audiences might be completely disappointed as it ruins down the complete drama that was crafted for the whole movie. The way characterizations are linked between the whole movie and the final act might surprise miniscule audiences, but deliberately not with the major bunch of audiences.

A horror or psychological thriller substantially depends on BGM, Camera and Sound. Over here, both the departments involving background score and cinematography has been etched with top-notch perfection, but they are eclipsed with jarring Sound Effects. It looks like director felt that the audiences can be made the presence of frightening moments using the SOUND, which in turn becomes a hassling factor.


Kalaiyarasan tries to do justice to his role, but his basic characterization is laced with artificial moments. We have always seen protagonist novelists portrayed as either failures or getting ideas after doping. It’s not a fault, but then it’s too stereotypical. Dhansika steals the show with her action and screen presence. But there isn’t even a single moment, where we get to see a beautiful chemistry between both the lead actors as a married couple. Mime Gopi does nothing special. Daniel Anne Pope hardly has anything to perform. Others in the cast appear just for couple of minutes.

What works?

1. BGM and Cinematography
2. Second Half
3. Dhansika

What doesn’t work?

1. First half
2. Climax
3. Jarring sound

If URU was made a 90-minute film, then it would have been a real edge-seated thriller keeping us engaging. Major portions of first half have nothing to create Goosebumps and the climax might not be accepted by major group of audiences.

Verdict : Lengthy duration, unwanted episodes in first half and climax spoils the game.

Rating : 4/10

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