Feroz makes a strong ‘Pandigai’ promise

Filmmaker Feroz making his debut with ‘Pandigai’ affirms that there is much to celebrate for the audiences with the film.

News 17-Jun-2017 10:22 AM IST RM Comments

The theatrical trailer of Pandigai starring Kreshna and Anandhi has been getting good response, which was released before couple of days. The actor is now for choosing unique tales and scripts and this one is no exception as we can sense it through the trailer. Filmmaker Feroz making his debut directorial with this film utters that he is happy about the response of this film’s trailer. He adds that the film is based on the life of an angry young man who wants to make it big with the underground fight club. Feroz admits there are some interesting elements in the film that will definitely entertain all audiences.

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