Vikram Vedha Music Review

Expressing a different and new dimension with more theme scores

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With a power-packed star involving iconic actors like Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi, the expectations can never remain at the ground level, but always against gravity surmounting our anticipations. Few more days are left for this Pushkar-Gayathri directorial to hit screens and now the musical album by Sam CS has been unveiled.

Karuppu Vellai
Singers: Sivam & Sam C S
Lyrics: Vignesh Sivan

The opening song gets an electrifying start with a nostalgic tune on the piano and it’s a kind of philosophical number written by Vignesh Sivan. The song speaks off the life and death with the mysteries involved and Sam CS picks up a familiar tune to grab our attention. Of course, he eventually makes it up too. The kind of instrumentals that he has used is really top-notch with brass and trumpets dominating with percussions-distorted guitars used at right momentum.

Yaanji Yaanji
Singers: Anirudh Ravichander & Shakthisree Gopalan
Backing Vocal: Sathiya Prakash
Lyrics: Mohanraj

Anirudh always pushes a song’s intensity to a greater magnitude irrespective of what the genre is all about. He would definitely make any fast beat Kuthu number, folk song or a melodious number achieve its standard. The intonating slang from Anirudh is so much enthralling and Shakthishree Gopalan too offers a wholesome appeal to the whole song.

Tasakku Tasakku
Singers: Mugesh, M L R Karthick, Guna And Chorus
Lyrics: Muthamil

This song is already an engaging hit with Vijay Sethupathi fans as they can easily make how it would be pictured with the screen presence of this virtuoso. Definitely, it would impress the audiences of single screens in the theatres and of course, the multiplex groups are definitely going to receive it well as well. Thanks to Sam for avoiding the routine singers like Gaana Bala and the singers over here – Mugesh, MLR Karthick and Guna render their best.

Yethu Dharmam?
Chennai Orchestra

The major portions of this album are dominated by signature theme tracks, which would appear as background score. In all likelihood, this one has a similar treatment, but is groovy with the composing.

Pogatha Yennavittu
Singers: Pradeep Kumar & Neha Venugopal
Lyrics: Sam C S

Pradeep Kumar left us awestruck with his songs that will remain ageless like ‘Aagayam’, ‘Vaanam Parthein’. Over here, we are so much enthralled about the kind of rendition he bestows the tune of Sam CS. Neha Venugopal on her part smoothly enchants us and much more splendid is the lyrical line by Sam CS. This is sure to make a big time with repeated hearing, especially with the visuals. The orchestral strokes by the second interlude is really worthy of appreciations.

Ghetto Chase
Singers: Meghavarshini, Avantika & Monisha
Chennai Orchestra

The starting lines slightly reminiscences of the famous children poem that instantly gets into the mood of ‘Liquid Dance’ from AR Rahman’s Oscar winning ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, but not to a greater extent. It is definitely going to boost up the visuals, especially with the raciness or perhaps the clash between two iconic actors – Maddy and Vijay Sethupathi

Idhu Emosion
Chennai Orchestra

Just listen to the vocalism of the singer toward the last minute of this song and we advise you to try it with the headphones or the perfect surround system, which will enhance the level of proficient work by Sam CS and Chennai Orchestra.

Yethu Nyayam?
Singers: Sam C S
Chennai Orchestra

We might not feel it easy to relate between the title of the song and the tune as there aren’t any lyrical lines. But then the momentum of rhythmic accompaniment and tempo is really top-notch with the instrumentals making a decent impact.

Sangu Sattham
Singers: Sethu Thankachan, Kannan M, Ravikumar

Yet another signature theme, which has the guitar portions very well synched up with the racy vocals of Sethu Thankachan, Kannan M and Ravikumar.

Oru Katha Sollatta?
Singers: Sam C S, Sethu Thankachan, Kannan M & Ravikumar
Chennai Orchestra

Fast paced ¾ waltz that has a power-packed instrumental composing and the singers repeating the same tune of one among the previous theme music we listened. Might be, it could get its due credits for Sam CS as background score with the visuals.

Vikram Vedha has strong musical component when it comes to signature scores by Sam C and most of them same the sound style. When it comes to the vocalist based songs, it’s ‘Yaanji Yaanji’ and ‘Pogadha Enna Vittu’ that instantly grasps into our senses.

Verdict: Expressing a different and new dimension with more theme scores.

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