Anbanavan Asaradhavan Adangadhavan Movie Review

A total disappointment with dull moments dominating throughout.

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Direction : Adhik Ravichandran
Production : Global Infotainment
Starring : Silambarasan, Tamannaah, Shriya Saran
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography : Krishnan Vasant
Editing : Ruben

Laden with heavy expectations, STR starrer Anbanavan Asaradhavan Adangadhavan has released amidst huge fanfare. The film is directed by Adhik Ravichandran of Trisha Illana Nayantara fame with Shriya Saran and Tamannaah playing the female lead roles. Yuvan Shankar Raja has composed music for this film.


The film opens with old aged Mahat trapped by Dubai police narrating the story of his close acquaintance (STR), who is the most wanted International mafia don. No one has ever seen him till now and as the traces back to the days Madurai Michael, who is a paid killer and then bounded to some critical issues leaves to Dubai. He is now leading a life of hidden identity as a 55-yr old Ashwin Thatha, whose life goes through a change after a young girl (Tamannaah) coming into his life.


To mark it precise, writing a proper synopsis for this film turns out to be a perplexingly complex task for no one is able to judge what the story is. We tend to see Madurai Michael as a beloved man towards his belle and his master, but then a sudden transition to Ashwin Thatha by the post-intermission sequence really leaves us succumbed to watching two different movies. Well, it looks like Adhik Ravichandran gives a hint through the characterization of Kasthuri, an Interpol officer, who guesses what could have happened in the past 25 years and this might be showcased in the second part. But there is no proper connectivity in justifying the sequences. The last few minutes, where Ashwin Thatha is appalled over the entry of his lookalike (Again played by STR) albeit turning to be a good twist, it doesn’t strike our attention. This is purely because of 2hrs of dragging screenplay. In major portions, we get to see that the raw footages, which should have been on the deleted episodes irks us to the core.

The only convincing part is Yuvan Shankar Raja’s hard work on background score and songs. There are only couple of songs, which indeed is a huge setback as STR movies always boast of songs and dance, which is completely lacking here.

Cinematography and editing are diminishing elements out here as they don’t stand out to be perfect.


It’s a careless performance by STR and it turns out to be a huge disappointment. What’s the need behind showcasing a ‘Madurai Michael’ act for one hour that doesn’t carry any substantial punch? Might, the very places might impress his fans, but the overloaded heroism turns out to be boredom. His avatar as Ashwin Thatha is yet another moment to get our hopes dashed as there isn’t anything that establishes his nuance performance. The problem is that he is worthy of offering a strong act, but this one looks too careless. Shriya Saran does justice from her efforts. Tamannaah really looks gorgeous and she improvised a lot with her acting and dancing skills. Naan Kadavul Rajendran, VTV Ganesh and Mahat come up with their usual stuffs. But to see Mahat as an aged man by the initial moments of the film is a misery.

What works?

1. Background score by Yuvan Shankar Raja
2. Tamannaah

What doesn’t work?

1. Almost everything involving technical and narrative aspects

With the climax credits giving route to AAA Second Dimension, it doesn’t evoke the high level excitements that a film with bigger brand must do. The film lacks a proper premise and even the makers compromise it with justified screenplay in second part, this experience with AAA 1D can never be forgotten for its disappointments.

Verdict : A total disappointment with dull moments dominating throughout.

Rating : 3/10

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