Ivan Thanthiran Movie Review

Sleek narration with engaging screenplay

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Direction : R. Kannan
Production : Masala Pix
Starring : Gautham Karthik, Shraddha Srinath, RJ Balaji
Music : SS. Thaman
Cinematography : Prasanna Kumar
Editing : Selva RK

Director Kannan couldn’t make through a best of his pinnacle with some of his previous films. His latest outing ‘Ivan Thanthiran’ starring Gautham Karthik and Shraddha Srinath in lead roles has hit screens today and let us check out how engrossing and appealing it is.


Gautham Karthik and RJ Balaji are dropouts from engineering college, who decided to kick-start their own business of gadget stores. With the current Educational minister heavily demanding bribe from certain engineering colleges or in case of not being responsive would cancel the license, they indeed charge heavy fees from students. This creates a huge turmoil in many lives of innocent students gradually pushing some to the extent of giving up their life too. How Gautham Karthik manages to bring the culprits responsible for this brutal act before the light of public glare forms the basic plot.


Kannan is known for attempting with genres based on love stories and family entertainers, where he suddenly landed into the league of Adult-comedy through ‘Settai’. This genre is something completely outlandish, which he has attempted for the first time. Yes, he scores brownie points for this earnest factor and his kind of narration is gripping too in many places. The first half proceeds with engaging moments and it passes in a quick flash of duration, but soon after intermission, there seems to be a slowdown in momentum, which isn’t due to the screenplay, but with emphasis shifted to the romantic episodes between Gautham Karthik and Shraddha Srinath. The penultimate moments have been narrated with engrossing style. But some of the technologies used for the drama sometimes look absurd. Say for instance, a gadget set across the road to scan the materials within moving vehicle is something really fictional. But at the same time, the fly bug camera and its usage has been very well done.

The background score by Thaman is worthy of appreciations and it’s a big plus that there aren’t many songs in the film, which otherwise would have hampered the screenplay. Cinematography is good in few places, but some sequences lack grading and editing is appreciable.


Gautham Karthik looks appropriate for the role he has played as an engineering chap. Shraddha Srinath might look slightly elder to Gautham Karthik, but her characterization is etched very well. The scene where she and Gautham propose each other is beautifully done. RJ Balaji is the show stealer with his comedy portions really evoking good fun. Super Subbarayan as baddie is okay with his performance, but then he doesn’t suit the role of minister exactly. Stunt Silva with his minimal appearance is commendable. Madras fame Hari appears in a special cameo, but doesn’t get more scope.

What works?

1. First Half
2. BGM
3. RJ Balaji

What doesn’t work?

1. Some technological usage that are too unbelievable

Director Kannan offers a film of 2hrs 20 minutes that is engaging with major portions and by its end gives a sumptuous feel of movie watching experience barring some slow moments by the second half.

Verdict : Sleek narration with engaging screenplay

Rating : 5/10

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