Mansoor Ali Khan slams Kamal Haasan’s Big Boss act

Mansoor Ali Khan in the audio launch of ‘Urudhi Kol’ has slammed Kamal Haasan’s Big Boss show for its impact on theatre business.

News 4-Jul-2017 10:14 AM IST RM Comments

It all started when actor Aari supported Kamal Haasan’s DTH release of movies, which would otherwise would haven’t been effected by such bleak scenarios in theatres. Reacting to this statement, Mansoor Ali Khan who was present for the same occasion slammed Kamal Haasan’s proposal and Aari’s supportive speech. He said, “Movies are supposed to be viewed in cinema halls and that’s the beauty of this business. A versatile actor like Kamal Haasan hosting a show like Big Boss has severely severed the theatre business with evening, night and morning shows having no audiences. What will happen if Ajith Kumar and Vijay decide to host such a show when Kamal Haasan’s movie is being released in theatres.”

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