“Shankar is the James Cameron of India” – Resul Pookkutty

Academy Award winner Resul Pookkutty has ennobled Shankar as the James Cameron of India.

News 5-Jul-2017 10:17 AM IST RM Comments

Redefining sound with a much high leveled elegance and putting forth an impeccable style to it has been the intriguing part of Resul Pookkutty. Winning Academy Awards and more international honours, he has been actively involved in many Tamil projects and one among them is 2.0 starring Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar in lead roles. Sharing his experience working on this magnum opus, Resul Pookkutty speaks out saying Shankar is someone like James Cameron of India. His penchant taste for sound and likeliness to experiment adding it a main stream to his movies is something really unique. 2.0 will be a much unparalleled film in the career of respective actors and technicians involved in the project, which we can be proud off.

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