Thiri Movie Review

The films ‘Sparks’ in places and then dims out.

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Direction : Ashok Amritharaj S
Production : Oxygen Cinemas, Sea Shore Gold Productions
Starring : Ashwin Kakumanu, Swathi Reddy
Music : Ajesh
Cinematography : KG Venkatesh
Editing : Raja Sethupathi S.P

Ashok Amirtraj makes his debut directorial with the film ‘Thiri’ featuring Ashwin Kakumanu and Swathi in lead roles with AL Azhagappan and Jayaprakash playing important roles. Let us take a look at the film’s analysis.


Ashwin, an engineering student, happens to be an angry young man, but a disciplined son respecting his father (Jayaprakash). Out of an unexpected turn of events, he slaps the son of his college correspondent (AL Azhagappan) and in reverse is issued by bad conduct certificate that tends to damage his future. Now both father Jayaprakash and son Ashwin embark on their journey to retaliate the cruel deed of antagonistic father-son duo bringing their unjust act before the light of law.


It looks like Ashwin wanted to break the ice of his chocolate boy image and try out something different. Eventually, he tries to offer his best, but then the results remain mediocre. To be precise, he really has to work lots more to gain the avatar of ‘Angry Young Man’, which isn’t obtained by any actor at an ease. But then, he can be mentioned specially for not trying to take a leap into routine commercial heroes of giving punch dialogues and performing larger than life stunt sequences. AL Azhagappan who offered a tremendous performance as baddie in Eesan is literally wasted here. Instead of being projected as a serious villain, his characterization is apparently laced with lots of humour, which irks us to the core. It is vague to the minds with a huge question what is Swathi actually doing here. She doesn’t get a meaty role. The only promising actor to offer his best spell is none other than Jayaprakash. Such roles aren’t something difficult to him and it’s almost like a cakewalk.


The earnest reason why Thiri doesn’t strike our senses with high impression is the lazy bounded script that is so much dragging in places. Of course, it holds a strong theme, which could have been delivered with an engaging screenplay, but each and every sequence looks so much ordinary and highly predictable. It turns out to be a confusion on how could the writers make approval to the final draft as it resembles bits and pieces of scenes from many Tamil movies. On the top of all, the film holds a strong sensitive theme, which should have been handled with strong screenplay and yet more powerful characterizations. Moreover, dialogues are so mediocre, especially the ones involving humour that irks us at times…. Although some of the message oriented dialogues are appreciable, they turn out to be exaggerated.

Over the technical aspects, the film doesn’t possess anything as its strength. Editing could have been better to avoid the dragging moments and cinematography is just average.

What works?

1. performance and characterization of actors especially Jayaprakash
2. Some interesting moments in second half

What doesn’t work?

1. First half
2. Editing

Although, ‘Thiri’ holds a convincing theme with strong attractive element, it fails to grab our attention for its weak screenplay and predictable narration.

Verdict : The films ‘Sparks’ in places and then dims out.

Rating : 3.5/10

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