Thupparivaalan Teaser Review

Thupparivaalan Teaser Review

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From the most celebrated filmmaker Mysskin, who is always known for unique content based films, he comes up with ‘Thupparivalan’, which is a detective thriller. Of course, the makers have been promoting the film with the blatant Indian version of Sherlock Holmes, where Vishal would reflect the shades of Sherlock and Dr. Watson would be none other than Prasanna.

The first look teaser with a running length of 1minute 15 seconds has been released before few minutes.

What we instantly get to notice about the teaser is –

Usually, the detective based thrillers prefers a prototyped presentation, where the audiences have to be introduced to what the tale is all about. There isn’t any risk in revealing a partial percentage of story as everyone knows about the basic premise. But then, it is presented with the routine Mysskin style of never-stop rotating camera angles and the slow placed violin and orchestras. It is evident that Mysskin wants to make every film irrespective of any genre into his own box of formulae. But when it comes to Genre Vs Mysskin, it is something we need to wait and watch whether the latter has dominated a lot. For now, it is so much clear that Mysskin tries to dominate the show with the camera angles and music. But then, the stunt sequences are really mind-boggling and it is first of the kind for a Vishal movie to possess such strong traits.

Other characters are spotted in few seconds of montage and Vishal has evidently pulled up more efforts to give his best. This could be a renaissance of Vishal in his showbiz….

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