Nibunan Movie Review

Deserves one time watch for decent efforts.

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Direction : Arun Vaidyanathan
Production : Passion Film Factory
Starring : Arjun Sarja, Prasanna, Vaibhav, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar
Music : S. Navin
Cinematography : Arvind Krishna
Editing : Sathish Suriya

Action King Arjun’s 150th film and that deserves a huge credit to celebrate and ‘Nibunan’ is definitely a special film in his career. The film comes from Arun Vaidyanathan, who has a short list of production and direction, but somewhat of a matured caliber. The film happens to be a mystery thriller featuring Shruthi Hariharan, Prasanna, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar and Vaibhav in lead roles.


Ranjith Kalidoss (Arjun) is on the verge of winding up with his CSI and would be soon promoted as DSP. He is accompanied by couple of hilarious yet brilliant juniors – Joseph (Prasanna) and Vandana (Varalaxmi Sarathkumar). They are now on the trail of a serial killer who has been committing murders with signature style of bullets, torture, numbers and star signs labeled. Things get too much convulsive when Ranjith Kalidoss discovers that he would be the next victim. Will he able to trap down the murderer, especially with a defective addition of Parkinson syndrome?


One thing to be specially mentioned about Arun Vaidyanathan is that he always managed to follow a specific way of storytelling. He never scatters off the narration from the basic premise and doesn’t indulge in parallel comedy tracks or even songs. He retains the same paradigm over, which keeps up our attention in many places. At the same point of time, having been placed ‘Thriller-Suspense’ as the main genre, we tend to notice that the suspense elements are very well built, but the thrill quotients slightly go missing. There are few thrill moments, especially during the intermission, which moves us to the edge of seats, but sooner it continues to travel in a same momentum. Moreover, the origin and cause of murders actually doesn’t hold a substantial part. It looks too much vague. It looks like Arun Vaidyanathan is too much obsessed with Hollywood pattern of tales and it could have laid an impact here. When we look deeply into the tale, it slightly manifests significance with Jeetu Joseph’s Memories, which was later translated as ‘Aaradhu Sinam’ in Tamil. Of course, some with the relevance of Vikram (Maddy in Vikram Vedha) last week release too.

Naveen explores unique music on background score, which at places offers strong support to the narration, but in some places looks completely in non-synch with visuals. But we don’t criticize either Arun or Naveen as they keep up their best efforts, but something misses.

Editing is neatly done and Arun Vaidyanathan’s screenplay of transiting between professional and personal space of cops is very well handled. But what turns out to be a disappointment is that there is lack of thrill and engaging moments. Cinematography by Aravind Krishna is appreciable.


Action King Arjun is just ageless and never-aging. 10 years from now, it is obvious that he would remain the same. The action sequences are very well choreographed, especially in the climax. Shruthi Hariharan is perfect choice who with her looks and attires stands closely to Gautham Vasudev Menon heroines. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar and Prasanna apparently seem to be an replica of those humorous creature with brilliant minds you see in Bones, CSI or our very own CID series, but they are commendable. Suman and Suhasini Maniratnam appear in cameo roles with no prominence. Vaibhav is matured with his performance.

What works?

1. Action King Arjun and star-cast
2. Background score
3. Cinematography

What doesn’t work?

1. Very limited suspense and thrill moments
2. Routine story
3. Dragging second half till penultimate-to-climax..

Nibunan proves to be a decent thriller drama, but lacks suspense and those moments of Goosebumps, which are essential for a genre like this.

Verdict : Deserves one time watch for decent efforts.

Rating : 5/10

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