Spyder Teaser Review

Spyder Teaser Review

Features 9-Aug-2017 11:15 AM IST RM Comments

Might be, the first glimpse of Spyder released before few months might have left the audiences half exhilarated and otherwise disappointed. It didn’t have anything but just a first look of Mahesh Babu, which could have been better done with a motion poster. With the title ‘Spyder’, one could relate it with SPY and Spider is always synonymous with spinning web. So these words were more than enough to keep it more affirmed that Mahesh Babu’s Spyder is an edge-seated thriller, but with some strong social issue.

Now with the theatrical teaser, it is so much evident that our assumptions are proved right. With a running length of 1 minute 10 seconds, it is taking us through the direct hit into the premise of story. A social issue ruining the lives of innocents and a deadly villain (SJ Surya and you just hear the voiceover and hidden profile looks) and then a outraging protagonist (Mahesh Babu), who doesn’t strain as usual to smash down the baddies. But the characterization of Rakul Preet Singh of what we have seen so far in few seconds is nothing but a half-baked innocent characters that we see million times in South cinema, where they fall crazy for a guy.

Within a short span of duration, if we’re able to get a clear picture, the whole credit goes to editor Sreekar Prasad for his classy cuts.

One thing is there for pretty sure! Mahesh Babu and SJ Surya are going to offer an overpowering spell with their dialogues and action sequences.

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