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Not the best from Sean Roldan. Just average

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Following the successful hit of Velainu Vandhutta Velaikkaran, Vishnu Vishal is back with another comedy caper. The film titled ‘Kathanayagan’ is directed by Muruganantham. Catherine Tresa, Soori, Anand Raj and Arul Doss are playing important roles with Vijay Sethupathi appearing in a special cameo.

Kathanayagan The Hero
Vocals: Sean Roldan

Sean Roldan has always been getting best on tracks that involve rock genre and guitars. Over here, he has emphasized on same. The electronic guitars in addition to the percussions have its best part. Sean Roldan as a singer tries to encompass on the best, but the overall song experience is just middling. It looks like some introduction track song that might have its click with the visuals.

On Nenappu
Vocals: Anirudh Ravichander

The style of this song is completely based on Hindi folk numbers that are often tried with some experiments here in Tamil. Not to forget the fact that Anirudh had recently tried ‘Naana Thaana’ from TSK in a certain paradigm. Over here with Anirudh crooning the number, we tend to slightly notice the similarity in rendition, but only to a certain extent. The instrumentals are composed up that sprinkles up a sense of humour and it is a cherry pick of this album.

Tappu Tippu
Vocals: Mukesh

With the erstwhile track completely going through the folk style, Sean Roldan over here tries to blend it up with multiple genres like rock and jazz. The kind of instrumentals used up here exhibits such paradigms. Mukesh tries to exert his best and has done complete justice. But it’s not the best as you usually hear from Sean Roldan.

Sunday Na Bottle Edu
Vocals: Ravi G

A stereotypical fun-filled number that goes through the course of routine drunk and party style… Sean Roldan tries to bestow the listeners with some different style from his store, but the song turns out to be too ordinary. Maybe, the choreography and picturing style might engross with the visuals. Few portions carry the tune that are really appreciable, but mostly dominated by prototyped stroke.

Rise of a Hero – Theme Song

On looking the title of this song, one might envisage the Epic kind of music, but in contrast Sean Roldan bestows with a fun-filled yet catchy treatment. As used in all the tracks, he gives more importance to electric guitars, percussions along with whistles.

Totting up with the analysis of Kathanayagan, we have the best from Sean Roldan in his previous albums, but this one is just an average. Sean comes up with best on melodies, but when it comes to commercial or fun filled albums, he can do better.

Verdict : Not the best from Sean Roldan. Just average

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