Velai Illa Pattadhaari 2 special – Celebrated Civil Engineers of Tamil Cinema

Celebrated Civil Engineers of Tamil Cinema

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Characterizations happen to be the strongest element in any successful movies. They become success not just of a characterization, but the depth and details sketched upon them. Such happens to be the instance with Dhanush’s role as Raghuvaran B.E. in VelaiIlla Pattadhaari. The actor’s role as civil engineer was very well delineated with an impeccable manner. With the film’s second part hitting screens, we bring you few other illustrations of Kollywood’s most promising heroes as civil engineers in Tamil cinema.

Rajinikanth (Lingaa)

The entire film was completely about King Lingeshwaran, who is a civil engineer himself. He constructs a major dam for the sake of people’s well being. Major portions of the film involve Rajinikanth involved in the construction process. It was really a kind of Babylon Tower mammoth shown in Tamil cinema.

Arun Vijay (Pandavar Bhoomi)

This might take us back in time over a decade, but this was one among the first films to feature a protagonist as civil engineer. The complete film is about an engineer, who comes down to a village for the construction of a house. The entire drama is set against the same backdrops till the construction is completed.

Arya (Sarvam)

Perhaps, he could have been the rarest handsome civil engineers that Tamil film industry has seen. There weren’t much to emphasis on the construction works in this movie, but then a pretty good scope was given to his characterization.

Madhavan (Yaavarum Nalam)

Although, Yaavarum Nalam was a supernatural thriller, which was first of its kind in Tamil film industry, it had a decent scope for his characterization and he was there at the construction sites as well in many portions.

Harish Shankar (Poriyaalan)

Harish Kalyan plays a honest and sincere civil engineer, who comes up with a perfect job. Although, the film’s plot moves away from this zone at times, the depiction of his characterization was neatly done.

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