Annabelle: Creation Movie Review

Annabelle: Creation Movie Review

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When the global audiences were possessed with horror tales that came once in a while like Exorcist followed by Ring and Grudge, none would have envisaged a franchise of ‘Conjuring’ would break open into a revolution. Yes, this film created a revolution of horror genre on the global platform. The first part of Conjuring had ‘Annabelle Doll’ as a prologue shot where Lorraine and Ed Warren, the paranormal investigators narrate it followed by leap into another case (Just like how James Bond is indulged in an action even before the title credits following which a new assignment pops up).

Do audiences get scared or Goosebumps of a horror movie here?

Here it goes! There are lots of reasons why most of the audiences weren’t actually happy either about Annabelle or Conjuring 2. In fact, these movies had lots of spine-chilling moments to scare and excite us. But right with the promotional teasers and trailer, where it all labelled ‘From the makers of Conjuring’, audiences were pretty much prepared to accept the challenge and prove themselves as non-scary. But when comparing Annabelle: Creation with Annabelle, the new release throws up unexpected blows of spooky surprises during the show.

What's the basic premise of this story ?

It’s almost like the prequel to Annabelle, where the creation of the possessed doll occurs. A doll maker and his wife leading a happy life are broken down with their daughter hit by an accident. After 12 years, a nun and group of orphan girls are invited to their house for refuge. But sooner, these girls start experiencing paranormal activities. One among them opens a prohibited room to find out the Annabelle Doll that starts playing its game aftermath.

Horror movies are frequently visiting theatres now. Does Annabelle stand out to be an exception?

Just as we mentioned above, this franchise has been exceptional in its treatment though pattern of storytelling is same. The makers of Conjuring and Annabelle have always had a unique way of surprising audiences; fill them up with smiles at unheralded places. More than all, ‘Emotions’ have always been an intriguing part of this brand and so in this film.

Forget about the case studies and logics.... Is it worth watching it for ticket price?

Definitely, if you’re ardent buff of horror movies, especially with this franchise.... But with strong condition – Don’t keep referring or comparing with the previous versions of Conjuring and Annabelle...

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