Vivegam Movie Review

Vivegam is a tailor made film for Ajith fans

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Direction : Siva
Production : Sathya Jyothi Films
Starring : Ajith Kumar, Vivek Oberoi, Kajal Aggarwal, Akshara Haasan
Music : Anirudh Ravichander
Cinematography : Vetri
Editing : Ruben

Heaps and heaps of expectations mounted up for Ajith Kumar’s Vivegam. The visual promos, the first look featuring the six-pack physique and what else? Everything involving the film’s cast and technical crew created an immense expectation for the film. Vivegam is third time collaboration of Siva and Ajith Kumar after successful hits of Veeram and Vedalam. Let us have a fast, vivid and blunt look into the film’s analysis.

Vivegam – Does the title justify the film’s concept and overall presentation?

Yes, this significance of title Vivegam goes hand in hand with the film’s theme, especially with the characterization of Ajith Kumar, but only to a certain extent. We see him handling situations single-handed with his brainy and brawny aspects. But what hinder the specialty of this theme are the illogical components in many places. It could have been better if director Siva had focussed more on the intuitions and instincts of the protagonist, which would have made the film more convincing.

‘Race against Time’ Thriller was the promise made by director Siva. How far does it prove of such prominence?

Yes, ‘Race against Time’ thrillers are not often a common genre in many places for it definitely needs a very substantial narration. Over here, there are few moments in the film that are really engaging, but in contrast, the drama becomes sluggish with some feeble writing. Yet again, logic goes out of places and it hampers the progression of screenplay. The first half has engrossing moments leading to an intermission, filling us with more hopes. But the post-intermission sequences tend to get mediocre with only editing remaining fast and avid, but the narration is not in synch to it. In simple words, it gives an impression of ‘Video Games’ in few places.

Having said that Vivegam is an ‘International Movie’, do we get to see such evidences in the film?

Definitely, the basic theme of the film itself is based on International concept linking with ‘Secret Society’. Let us not think it with a reference to the contemporary sensation like Illuminati group, which is trending in YouTube based on myth and fiction. But apart from this fact or the technical backdrop, there isn’t anything that claims ‘International’ theme. Casting actors from North, Hollywood and European countries doesn’t make a film International instead they should have obtained strong characterizations, which is missing.

Hypes were topping up to heights about the characterizations of Kajal, Akshara and Vivek Oberoi. Do they get substantial roles?

To be precise, all these three characters and even others in the film have a strong introduction, but gradually get declined to null by the middle of play. In fact, Akshara Haasan’s entry is as powerful or mostly equal to that of Ajith Kumar, but in very next few minutes it is reduced to nothing. Vivek Oberoi is a stylish actor and he could have been utilized to yet more powerful graph. But he ends up with aggressive verbal conversations and praises on protagonist.

Trailer was so much gripping and made everyone excited. Does the movie have same impact with fast-narration?

Frankly analyzing, most of the best shots from the film have been collaged as trailer and rest of them are much of normal paradigm.

Ajith-Siva- Anirudh combination in Vedalam was a total ‘Verithanam’. Does their second collaboration click well?

Comparisons cannot be made as both the films belong to different genres and so should be the musical style too. Most of the songs occur as background scores within a small gap of time. But then, when compared to many of the best BGMs from Anirudh, this one is good in places, but not off the unparalleled league.

Finally, does Vivegam cater to the tastes of ‘Ajith fans’ or ‘Universal audiences’?

Yes, Vivegam is a tailor made film for Ajith fans. Both Siva and Ajith Kumar make sure that their hardcore fans get the best dues with action blocks, stunts and bike chases. But when it comes to universal audiences, they will have a Deja Vu feel of watching yesteryear action movies of 80s and 90s, where one-man army hero becomes the saviour.

Rating : 4/10

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