Velaikkaran - Karuthavanlam Galeejam Single Track Music Review

Karuthavanlam Galeejam Single Track Music Review

Music Reviews 29-Aug-2017 11:07 AM IST RM Comments

Just give a couple of instruments and a raw percussion band to Anirudh and he will get you going crazy for next few seasons. This young power house of Tamil music industry has been consistently offering the best scores based on fast beat and melodic numbers. While his previous outing ‘Vivegam’ was purely international, he gets back to raw and rustic Chennai Gaana now with Sivakarthikeyan’s Velaikkaran.

The single track titled ‘Karuthavanlam Galeejaam’ has been released and let us has a sneak peek into it.

As cited above, it all completely caters to the tastes of massive groups, who will definitely take this song to the next level. It was in Maan Karate, Sivakarthikeyan had a similar number ‘Royappuram Peteru’, but then this gets a matured treatment. The beats on Thaara Thappattai get power-pumping. Of course, Anirudh doesn’t miss his chance to croon such numbers and he delivers it appealingly. The lyrical lines by Viveka are so simple that listeners can easily grasp it and start crooning it immediately.

On the whole, Karuthavanlam Galeejaam is going to be a super hit on the lines of ‘Aaluma Doluma’ and ‘Danga Maari’.

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