Is Mersal a double or triple act for Vijay?

There are lots of buzzes and perplexities involved over the roles played by Vijay in his upcoming film ‘Mersal’, directed by Vijay.

News 30-Aug-2017 11:48 AM IST RM Comments

With all the major releases of 2017 having been done, it’s just Vijay’s Mersal that is pending to complete the bigger round. The film is scheduled for release on October 18 for the festive occasion of Diwali. The movie has set enormous trends that have been consistently hitting the headlines. But then, there have been certain buzzes on airs about the number of roles played by Vijay in this film. While Atlee didn’t divulge anything much on this, he likely tries to keep this as a boost-up factor for the film’s promotion. He tried a similar trick with his previous release ‘Theri’.

When SJ Surya got to speak during the audio launch of Mersal, he said, “There are three Ilayathalapathy in the film,” which gave a clear idea that there are three roles enacted by Vijay.

But finally with Vijay’s turn, he made a simple statement, “Making a film with double action in a short span of time isn’t an easy task.”

So there are lots of such contradictory statements involving the roles of Vijay in Mersal.

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