Kurangu Bommai Movie Review

If the narrative and technical aspects were enhanced with yet more involvement, the film would be yet more convincingly engaging

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Direction : Nithilan Swaminathan
Production : Shreya Sri Movies LLP
Starring : Vidharth, Bharathiraja, Delna Davis
Music : Ajaneesh Loknath
Cinematography : v Sundar Nayak

Every Friday release is apparently introducing new filmmakers.. Who is this filmmaker Nithilan? Whom did he assist for his directorial experience?

Nithilan is the latest one to join the league of filmmakers, who haven’t been assistant to any moviemakers. But his short film ‘Punnagai Vaanginaal Kanneer Ilavasam’ won prize at Naalaya Iyakkunar TV Show. In fact, Kamal Haasan personally appreciated this short film after watching it.

What does this title ‘Kurangu Bommai’ means? Is it something about a drama that involves diamonds inside Monkey Doll smuggled?

You’ve made a right guess with the concept involving smuggling. But there is nothing to do with Monkey Doll, but a bag with the image of it. To give a detailed outlook on synopsis, the film revolves around PL Thenappan who owns a Lumber Store, but is also involved in illegal business as well. He smuggles a precious Quintet statue through Viddarth’s father Bharathiraja, who has been working for him from a very long time. Bharathiraja travels from Tanjore to Chennai for this and the statue is placed inside a bag with Monkey Doll. This bag is seen with Viddarth in different as well. How does this bag shift between father and son? Does Bharathiraja complete his task? So many questions are encompassed with an engrossing screenplay towards an unpredictable end.

You’ve referred the filmmaker to be one with more short films. Even this story relatively sounds befittingly to a short film?

If you’re reading a one or two line synopsis of this film, it would sound the same. But the narrative aspects involving a cute love story, friendship, an unpredictable antagonist… All these aspects interwoven with a script together makes it an engaging experience. Nevertheless, concerning your question, the first half does give more rooms for such instances as it travels sluggish in places. But the post-intermission sequences are very well projected.

Bharathiraja had played Vishal’s father in Pandiya Nadu. How has he enacted a similar role here?

Perhaps, it looks like Bharathiraja was offered this role after the director had witnessed him perform a similar characterization in Pandiya Nadu. On the dot, he slightly performed in an exaggerated style in few places, but then, it all turns to be eclipsed with his impeccable performance during crucial episode with the antagonist.

How about Viddarth?

Viddarth has been lining up better and phenomenally appreciable movies that include Kuttrame Thandanai and Oru Kidaiyin Manu. Over here, he has done a neat job with his role. But it puzzles us in few places, why he maintains a stereotypical body language of dull and silent look. Is it that Viddarth gets similar roles or he isn’t able to modify them? This is a million dollar question indeed.

Out of your previous statements, it looks like only Bharathiraja and Viddarth have meaty roles and others are miniscule?

We cannot say that way. Because, Elango Kumaravel characterization happens to be the major plus of this film. So far, we have been seeing in pitiable roles, but this one in complete contrast leaves us dumbfounded. Delna Davis has done a good job, but her role seems to be intentionally included for the sake of ‘heroine’ factor. Ganja Karuppu appears in only one scene. PL Thenappan is introduced as baddie, but ends up with an emotional note.

Yuvan Shankar Raja had acquired the audio rights of this film? So is there anything special about music?

Ajaneesh Loknath makes his debut in Tamil cinema from Kannada film industry. Songs are passably ok, but his background score has kept the screenplay more intact.

In all likelihood, the technical department slightly lacks perfection. Throughout the film, we get to sense a sort of watching low budget movie. But the greatest strength is editor for the non-linear narration gets a very well status with this work.

In the recent times, films with low budget are making good collections? Will Kurangu Bommai make a sweep?

The entire team has done a proper justice to the script and has executed them well. If the narrative and technical aspects were enhanced with yet more involvement, the film would be yet more convincingly engaging….

Rating : 5/10

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