MONDAY WIT - Vadivelu just says, ‘Poda… Poda’ to Alwa Vasu

Alwa Vasu uninterrupted entitlements for Vadivelu

Features 4-Sep-2017 10:33 AM IST Murugan Comments

There are some hilarious moments on the screens, which can neither be recreated or performed anywhere. If done, it wouldn’t evoke the same humour that was generated by the particular actor. Such happens to be the greatest and unforgettable instance of Late actor Alwa Vasu performance in ‘Ellam Avan Seyal’.

The original version of this film in Malayalam directed by Shaji Kailash didn’t have any comedy portions. But when remade in Tamil had sumptuous comedy tracks on the parallel lines to the tensed drama of murder investigation.

Vadivelu’s comedy tracks in this film have been generously awesome, which is enjoyed till the date. In fact, Vadivelu is seen accompanied with few other actors throughout the film, who make the humour click much more bigly, which includes Late actor Alwa Vasu as well.

There happens to be a particular sequence, where a political party meeting is arranged and over there Alwa Vasu gives introduction speech. He praises Vadivelu with 15 titles continuously and to wind up with Vadivelu just says, ‘Poda… Poda’…. This very instant we are erupted into huge laughter.

In fact, this is a comedy of rarity, where we aren’t able to recreate it. Even when done to perform, it wouldn’t evoke humour. It’s a onetime magic created by Alwa Vasu and one of his best through his entire career.

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