5 reasons why Neruppu Da will be a special movie

Neruppu Da Movie Preview

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It is not just about the title inspired from Superstar Rajinikanth’s Kabali, but this movie has something more off such significance with theme. Neruppu Da features Vikram Prabhu and Nikki Galrani in lead roles. We bring you 5 reasons why Neruppu Da will be a special movie to the audiences.

1. The basic premise of the film

The basic element that will definitely keep audiences attached towards the film is the story and its theme. The film is inspired by the real life instances of director Ashok Kumar as he was residing in housing board. He has even come across the challenges undertaken by fire brigades. So these two things inspired him, which will be even a much close to heart script for audiences as well.

2. Vikram Prabhu’s hard work

In every film, Vikram Prabhu has been efficiently giving his best hard work irrespective of the results. It is so much evident that in this film ‘Neruppu Da’, he has exerted both heart and soul in the skin of his characterization.

3. Beautiful charm Nikki Galrani

When Nikki Galrani appears in a film, she makes sure that mostly her screen presence doesn’t get confined to stereotypical run and dance around the bush characterizations. Even in this film ‘Neruppu Da’, she is reportedly performing an important role that will be very much adherent and close to the story.

4. Sean Roldan BGM

Sean Roldan has been the lucky charm of many projects in the recent times. It is that he makes sure of bringing up good music through songs and BGM. Especially, directors and screenwriters believe that his background score will be highlighting trait in this film.

5. Engaging screenplay and Engrossing narration

Whatever genre a film might be boxed inside, by end of the show what really concerns audiences is the engaging screenplay and engrossing narration. Director Ashok Kumar affirms that Neruppu Da will be offering a decent scope for engagement throughout the show.

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