Kathanayagan Movie Review

Making a colourful film seems to have been the main intention of Vishnu Vishal with the flavour of entertainment.

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Direction : Tha.Muruganantham
Production : Vishnu Vishal Studios
Starring : Vishnu Vishal,Catherine Tresa, Soori, Anandaraj
Music : Sean Roldan
Cinematography : J.Laxman.MFI

Having titled the film as Kathanayagan, does the film revolve around film industry? Is Vishnu Vishal appearing as a cinema hero?

Kathanayagan might give a blatant impression of raising same expectations as your question. But in Tamil cinema, this title doesn’t go only for the ‘Onscreen Heroes’, but for the ones who raises voice and combats for justice. Such is the story of Kathanayagan. Vishnu Vishal plays a revenue officer. He falls in love with Catherine Tresa at first sight and after sometime, she reciprocates back. Both of them decide to get married with their parents’ blessings. Realizing that Vishnu Vishal is a soft-hearted coward who runs away from the problematic situations, Catherine’s father imposes a condition that he would marry off his daughter only to a brave heart. Does Vishnu Vishal rise to the situation and seek justice with his hands for the sake of winning love? This forms basic premise of the story.

The promotional posters and visual promos look colourful. Does the film carry out the colourful quotients throughout the show?

Making a colourful film seems to have been the main intention of Vishnu Vishal with the flavour of entertainment. He has henceforth seemingly placed all his trust upon director Muruganantham. Catherine Tresa has colours of glamour and Soori for the sake of humour along with Anand Raj, Rajendran, Arul Doss and a special cameo by Vijay Sethupathi.

Wow! So you mean to say that the film is colourful and entertaining?

With such a huge star-cast that are far-famed to enthral audiences with humour, it is supposed to be a hilarious drama. But it doesn’t work out in many places. The entire first half proceeds with the combination sequences of Vishnu Vishal and Soori. Most of the comedy tracks by Soori doesn’t evoke humour. But nothing to blame upon him for he has done what the director has requested him. The hilarious dosages come in plethora through Anand Raj and his team by second half. If the writers and director had maintained the same tempo of humour throughout the film, then it would have been a real big entertainer.

In spite of busy schedules, how does Vijay Sethupathi afford time to do a cameo appearance?

That is called Vijay Sethupathi. This is one good reason why all the filmmakers love him. The director of this film – Muruganantham is none other than the comedy actor who shared screen space with Vijay Sethupathi in the film ‘Idharkuthane Aasaipattai Balakumara’. So this is a token of friendship that has made Vijay Sethupathi take up this offer.

How about the combination of Vishnu Vishal and Catherine Tresa?

They look good with their screen presence, but their roles and romantic episodes aren’t worthy of appreciations. Catherine Tresa repeating the ‘Madras’ fame dialogues to Karthi over here irks you after a certain point....

Sean Roldan’s songs have clicked well in audio charts. How they have been shot for the film?

Among the least positive attributes of the film, Sean Roldan’s musical score happens to be one among them. So far, he has concentrated on classic melodies and with this film, he proves his proficiency of scoring music for a commercial genre as well. In fact, he manages to impress the B and C centre of audiences through this movie.

Coming across your statements and analysis, we get to sense that the film might click well with B and C centre audiences. Is it true?

Vishnu Vishal’s maiden production ‘Velainu Vandhutta Velaikkaran’ proved commercially successful although it had mixed reviews. With the same hopes, Vishnu Vishal has seemingly produced this film. Well, if audiences come to theatres for sake of relaxation keeping away stress, then there are chances for them to enjoy this show.

Rating: 3.5/10

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