Karuppu Roja – India’s first ever movie with DTS technology

India’s first ever movie with DTS technology

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Steven Spielberg’s The Jurassic Park turned to be a top-notch technology across the whole world for it inquired the DTS technology. The entire world was in awestruck mode on experiencing the unparalleled wave of revolution in theatre experience. When everyone was amazed with its incredulous technology in India, our very own Tamil film industry emerged as the pioneer in the pages of Indian Cinema.

Thanks to filmmaker Aabavanan! Who can forget the hundreds of horse chasing experienced in a never-seen-before sound effect? It was all from the film ‘Karuppu Roja’, where the entire country turned its spotlights on our industry.

When Hollywood movie was moving faster with this technology, our people weren’t clearly aware about the difference of analogue sound system and DTS. So a special show was arranged for the media and press people at Pilot theatre in Chennai in 1996.

From then, many movies started acquiring this technology and by the early 2000s, it was a mandatory thing in every theatre across the country .

Terry Beard introduced the DTS technology and it is now acquired by Tessera with the new name Xperi.

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