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Harris’ ‘Sound’ knowledge is awesome, but musically disappoints

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Spyder marks the official entry of Mahesh Babu into Tamil cinema. Everyone obviously knows about his fan following base here in Tamil Nadu. This bilingual film is directed by AR Murugadoss that features Rakul Preet Singh in female lead role and SJ Surya as the baddie. Harris Jayaraj has composed music for this film and cinematography is handled by Santhosh Sivan.

Let us have a sneak peek in the musical analysis of this album.

Boom Boom
Vocal: Nikita Gandhi
Lyrics: Karky

Harris Jayaraj has been renovating his voguish sense of ‘Sound’ to a greater a level from one album to his next one. In fact, his musical scores when listened over the surround system offers best experiences. But what is the use of top-notch ‘Sound’, when the basic composing is mediocre. The song released as single track has taken its time from advanced period of complete album release, but still it remains mediocre and hasn’t brewed up with the time. Nikita Gandhi with her usual sassy voice gives the best, but rest is below average.

Ciciliya Ciciliya
Vocals: Hari Charan and Sakthi Shree
Lyrics: Karky

Yet another passably average number that comes with a package of good singers. Hari Charan and Sakthi Shree are flawless, when it comes to rendition. These singers have a unique flow that can transit through any octaves, but here the tune is so average that it fails to attract us. Except the chorus portions and interludes, nothing really gets us attracted. Maybe with the cinematography of Santhosh Sivan, it can get better with the visuals.

Aali Aali
Vocals: Brijesh Tripati Sandilya, Harini and Jogi Sunitha
Lyrics: Karky

An oasis across the roughest desert! ‘Aali Aali’ can be regarded as a suitable illustration. Miraculously, this song sticks to good zone in all aspects. Brijesh Tripathi is a cherry pick out here for the medium paced folk number, where he swiftly makes an impressive note. Not to miss the contribution of Harini, who is always crème de la crème with folk numbers and Jogi Sunitha is commendable too with her portions. Of course, when a hit track from Harris arrives, there is no doubt, but to relate it with some of his erstwhile numbers. We aren’t revealing it here, but you can find it easily while listening to the track.

Otrai Iravukkai
Vocals: Pravin Saivi, Christopher Stanley and Sathya Prakash
Lyrics: Karky

Really wondering why Harris Jayaraj isn’t changing his pattern of BGM and musical genres. Throughout this album in many places, he tries to offer a fusion and the usage of instrumentals is stereotypical, which offers nothing new. But again, the choice of singers and their work eclipses the diminishing points out here. Three vocalisms involving Pravin, Christopher Stanley and Sathya Prakash, but the attempt of mixing genres of western and classical genre works only to a certain extent.

Spyder On Mission Theme

Ah! Finally, there is one specific track that is top notch in all aspects. It looks like Harris Jayaraj hereafter should be given a project that has only theme music. Spyder – On The Mission theme is something really best and this is the only top pick of this whole album. It would be getting yet more stunning with the visuals.

Although, the makers have been promoting the film as a bilingual project, the musical style completely looks odd from the Tamil flavour.

Verdict : Harris’ ‘Sound’ knowledge is awesome, but musically disappoints.

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