Monday Wit – Goundamani predicts ‘Educational System’ in Thaimaman

Goundamani predicts ‘Educational System’ in Thaimaman

Features 11-Sep-2017 12:47 PM IST Murugan Comments

Humour and social issues have always been inseparable themes. In fact, the world history has witnessed this in different eras and ages, where versatile icons like Charlie Chaplin had embossed their inmost views and feelings about the societal crisis through humour. Tamil cinema is now exception as it our very own land carries the beautiful essence of satire that no other region in the whole country boasts of.

In fact, Kamal Haasan in his recent talk had mentioned that Tamil Nadu happens to be one among the rarest region, where there unlimited rays of humour occurs. In fact, they are a part of our lifestyle.

Accordingly, Goundamani has proved to be of such instance, where his humorous spells are still considered as the most celebrated witticisms till the date. In fact, some of his hilarious statements in the film get so much relevant with the current crisis that includes ‘Educational system’.

There happens to be a scene in ‘Thaimaman’, where Sathyaraj makes a ridiculous decision to become ‘Medical Doctor’ overnight. This is when, Goundamani reverts a fun-filled riot of speaking the reality of educational system.

Well, if you’re getting deep into the episode of this film, it eventually gets reflected with current educational system too.

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