Tuesday Romance - 5 beautiful love stories where lovers didn’t know they were in love

5 beautiful love stories where lovers didn’t know they were in love

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Love stories are one such genre that doesn’t get aged by the seasons. Although the dimensions change, the soul remains to be the same. In this week’s Tuesday Romance, we bring you 5 instances, where the couple don’t fall in love at first sight, but journey across paths of hurdles and barriers to realize by end that they have already soul mates.

1. Vijay and Trisha (Ghilli)

Although this movie was a commercial genre, where it was laced with humour, emotions, action and thriller moments, it had ‘Love’ as a hidden yet beautiful heart and soul of this film. In fact, the film is so racy that there weren’t any unwanted scenes for Vijay and Trisha to express love, but it was splendidly narrated, where they miss each other by the end.

2. Arjun and Meena (Rhythm)

A far more matured love story, but it crossed beyond usual paradigms. It didn’t have a youthful scenario instead showcased a natural and poetic love story. A couple in love needn’t involve in hugs and cuddles, but with a wonderful gesture of love, care an affection in an unconditional manner. It’s such a matured love story, where the couple unite beyond fate and destiny by the end.

3. Vijay Sethupathi and Madonna Sebastian (Kadhalum Kadandhu Pogum)

A remake of Korean film as everyone knows. Beyond the lines of comparisons, it was a real heavenly film that revolves around a bonding between a man and woman from different walks of life. Their friendship and something that keeps connecting them. In fact, we are left with a puzzling situation by the final credits, where they fall in love or it’s just an unexplainable friendship.

4. Rajinikanth and Sonakshi Sinha (Lingaa)

Yes, the girl over here as a soft admiration for the protagonist, but it doesn’t end up with routine pattern. In fact, the scene where she actually expresses her love during the humiliating moment for the protagonist in train is much emotional. The words she utters during this moment embodies a pure respect for the soul mate you adore.

5. Prashanth and Shalini (Piriyadha Varam Vendum)

A poignant story borrowed from Malayalam film titled ‘Niram’. Starring Prashanth and Shalini in lead roles, the movie had its toast of celebrating friendship between childhood friends. They don’t realize their love until the moment actually it really knocks open into their lives.

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