VIVEGAM & VIKRAM VEDHA holds a spot in best 10 songs of the week

best 10 songs of the week

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Based on the reports of Radiocity and YouTube viewings, we have listed best 10 songs of the week (Sep 04th - Sep 10th) . The songs are not rated based on rankings, but all these 10 songs have been considered as the constantly played and aired ones on the YouTube and Radiocity.

1. Aalaporaan Tamizhan (Mersal) – It’s been a long time, AR Rahman and Sivamani together nurtured our senses with boosting percussions, especially with the Tamil traditional ethnicity. This one had sumptuous dimensions of such great intensity, which happens to be one of the greatest highlights.

2. On Nenappu (Kathanayagan) – There are times, when there isn’t depth of analysis needed for a song and yet to clicks well with the listeners. This one is such an illustration and all credits goes to Anirudh. The music director crooning the number with rhyming ends has always clicked and this one too is such a paradigm.

3. Yavvana (Sathya) – Music director Simon has tried something unique here, where the tempo and pace keeps shifting. In fact, the initial moments rendered by Kalyani are classically bounded and suddenly Yazin takes over to the western genre.

4. Aalangiliyae (Neruppuda) – Sean Roldan makes sure of bestowing his listeners with at least a single hit from every album. Although Neruppuda has been an average grosser, this song crooned by Sean Roldan has garnered decent reviews and reception.

5. Surviva (Vivegam) – Nothing seems to be putting down the excitements of Ajith fans. They still are in awe of this song as it was during the time of its single track launch. The song crooned by Yogi B and Anirudh has taken its huge leap for powering beats and inspiring lyrics.

6. Maacho (Mersal) – Definitely, AR Rahman isn’t giving up the fact that he is always ahead of times. The song ‘Maacho’ was initially a kind of alien, but gradually got its ways making a big time for its techno and classy panache.

7. Kadhalaada (Vivegam) - Not often does Anirudh come up with a classical number. But this was a special delight for melody lovers as Anirudh made a different impact. Poetic lyrics by Kabilan is the icing of cake.

8. Vaadi Nee Vaa (Meesaya Murukku) - Nothing much to analyse on its musical components. But this is a song that has made way through the choice of teenage audiences.

9. Sandalee (Sema) – After a very long time, GV Prakash embellishes his skills on composing a melodious track. This is really a genuine effort that makes us yearn that GV Prakash must comeback completely into the world of music rather than acting.

10. Yaanji (Vikram Vedha) - This song has made its way into the favourite list of everyone. The reason is simple that Sam has used very simple composing style, but with brilliance that makes Anirudh sound yet more stunning.

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