Throwback Thursdays - When MGR walked out of a film for the sake of Balayya

When MGR walked out of a film for the sake of Balayya

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Everyone knows about the gratefulness of MGR that he never forgets to reciprocate the good things that others had done to him. Especially, he has never failed to show back his courtesy of great help to the ones who helped him during the initial days of his filmdom.

Here is one such instance.

In a particular film titled Mohini that was produced by Jupiter Pictures, MGR and Balayya were supposed to share the screen space. But from the very beginning, MGR felt that Balayya would be more apt and perfect for the role that has been offered to him. With the consent of Balayya, he approached director and they got their roles exchanged. The result was so much tremendous and it was a blockbuster movie.

Nearly after 30 years, when MGR was the reigning superstar, he was yet again supposed to share the screen space with Balayya again. But on the spur of moment, K.S. Gopala Krishnan felt that SV Ranga Rao would be apt for the role of Balayya. In fact, Balayya was offered huge roles in the previous movies of the same director and both of them have been close friends. But for this particular role, he felt that Ranga Rao would do justice.

When the news reached MGR, he politely said that it is not a right thing to remove Balayya from this film after signing him up. With a friendly gesture, he walked out of the project and this offered was shifted to Gemini Ganesan. This film is none other than ‘Karpagam’, which is regarded one of the best evergreen classic films till the date in Tamil cinema.

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