Magalir Mattum Movie Review

The film stands chances for getting best honours for being a good movie with good message too

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Direction : Bramma
Production : 2D Entertainment, Chris Pictures
Starring : Jyothika, Saranya, Urvashi, Bhanupriya
Music : Ghibran
Cinematography : S. Manikandan
Editing : C. S. Prem

Jyotika’s previous film ’36 Vayadhinile’ was a female centric film and even ‘Magalir Mattum’ seems to be yet another one of this league…

If you’re intensely looking into the basic theme, both the films have a similar ground of approach. 36 Vayadhinile focused upon on the pressures and responsibilities of a house wife, played by Jyotika. In the same manner, Magalir Mattum too carries a similar pattern of story focusing on three women on how their carefree lives get changed into prison life like situation after marriages with pressures. Will the protagonist (Jyotika) change their lives forever again forms the basic premise of this film.

Oh! Then it looks like the story is about three women and Jyotika might not get full scope here?

It cannot be completely put this way. This isn’t a story about one woman, but it traverses through the problems of different dimensions faced by women from different walks of life. So Magalir Mattum focalizes upon all women and Jyotika gets the best due of her importance too. What needs special attention is that Jyotika could have easily converted the entire script that will give more attention to her. But she has gladly accepted to be a part of this film that speaks more about values of women rather than a single woman. Moreover, we get to see the same old ever youthful Jyotika in this film than playing a matured hose wife in 36 Vayadhinile.

It’s a female centric film.. So guys have nothing to perform in this film right?

It cannot be completely laid that way. Nasser as the husband of Bhanupriya and Navageethan playing their son, Saranya Ponvannan’s drunkard husband and the male actors playing the first love of all these ladies have done their parts well. Bramma has sketched their characterizations very well.

How about the technical standard of Magalir Mattum?

Cinematography always happens to be the biggest strength for a travel based film. With Magalir Mattum completely focusing on this part, the cinematographer Manikandan has done a fabulous job with visuals in Delhi, Chattisgarh and other locales. Ghibran with his songs and background score has done a neat job. Although, the first half traverses with slow moments, the editing keeps it going at good momentum.

Does the film consist of any surprise elements?

The flashback sequences in the film needs special attention. The casting of actors for the younger age version of Saranya Ponvannan, Oorvasi and Bhanupriya has been done very well exquisitely. They resemble the respective actors to a good degree and this would be a decent surprise for the audiences. The kind of narrating their first loves in a single song has been very well narrated. But the biggest of all surprise is a top actor playing Jyotika’s hubby. This you need to go grab yourself as surprise in theatres.

Winning National awards for ‘Kuttram Kadithal’, does Bramma G stand a chance of repeating with ‘Magalir Mattum’?

In Kuttram Kadithal, Bramma G refrained from including commercial elements and completely focused on raw and realistic approach. This indeed was the reason behind winning National awards. With Magalir Mattum, it cannot be referred as the same for it isn’t a film merely for conveying message. It has a decent message but coated with decent entertainment elements. But then, the film stands chances for getting best honours for being a good movie with good message too.

Rating : 6/10

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