Mersal Teaser Review

Mersal Teaser Review

Features 21-Sep-2017 6:16 PM IST RM Comments

75 seconds and what you see is a real visual magic. What makes us so much addicted to this teaser is the young vibrant team along with AR Rahman creating a magic. We get to see that AR Rahman’s music from songs isn’t recreated anywhere. But, it’s a complete International style of music that gets so much evident here. It is obvious that Atlee has reached a new level of maturity with the technical aspects. We get to see Vijay uttering the philosophical verses in Tamil by the beginning, where the edit cuts showcasing his massive appeal are stunning.

We don’t see any of the other actors in the film and it looks like Atlee keeps it as a surprise for the theatrical trailer. It’s out and out show of Vijay and he looks energetic throughout the show.

On the other part, it’s AR Rahman background score that makes an impressive exhibition here. It is really awe-inspiring to see that a young filmmaker has managed to handle a foreign schedule with so many junior artists and locations. We need to wait and watch how it has come out with the full length theatrical version.

Editing cuts by Ruben are really appreciable. But it looks like he follows the same pattern in teaser cuts of all movies. The way we get to hear the voiceover hero followed by the hidden profile looks reminiscences of Vivegam.

Hope he corrects it in his upcoming films!!!

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