Jai Lava Kusa Movie Review

Very simple tale with tremendous performance

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First tell us if Jai Lava Kusa is a film tailor made for fans or general audiences?

Frankly speaking, NTR fans can really get delighted watching this film Jai Lava Kusa. The actor has always been more entertaining with his movies. On the other hand, even if someone who don’t belong to the league of Jr NTR can get entertained as well.

A superstar like Jr. NTR playing triple roles should definitely have an unconventional plot, isn’t it?

Not at all! This is a pure commercial drama and has a very simple story. Triplets Jai, Lava and Kusa belong to a drama troupe. While Lava and Kusa get the best appreciations, the other one –Jai is always forsaken. He is always humiliated by his own brothers. After a certain point of time, his innocence gets transformed into infuriation. A particular fire accident separates these brothers forever and many years later, they happen to come across each other.

Excuse me! You have narrated the entire plot and what’s there for surprise element now? You’ve played a spoilsport here.

Do you think so! Just watch the trailer and you get the entire idea of what the film is all about. Having said the entire plot, what we mean is that there is nothing special with the story, but with stunning performance of Jr. NTR. He just keeps us awe-stricken with an impeccable performance. OMG! His classified avatars as chirpy crook, innocent boy and a villainous avatar with a wounded past, he is beyond awesomeness.

When it’s a story about triplets, it should have dose of emotions too bounded to it right?

Definitely, the last 20 minutes might even moisten your eyes although it’s a routine commercial drama. Jr NTR’s performance as Jai by the climax is outstanding.

There are two beautiful heroines in the film – Raashi Khanna and Nivetha Thomas, aren’t they?

Yes, portions involving Raashi Khanna with Jr. NTR in the first half are cute. But the one involving Nivetha Thomas doesn’t get substantiality. Moreover, with triple roles of Jr. NTR, one cannot take eyes off from them.

Three NTRs, Nivetha Thomas and Raashi Khan… Any other actors to score brownie points?

Sai Kumar gets a minimal role, but does complete justice to it.

A commercial drama with Devi Sri Prasad musical. He must have gone for high pitched songs and BGM, hasn’t he?

This is a cute surprise. He underplays this time. Although, there are songs with mass appeal, he keeps them limited with sound. Yes, his tunes are reminding off his previous numbers too, but his work on BGM is appreciable.

Do you mean to say, the film has no flip sides?

It actually doesn’t mean that way. There are few little minuses, where the screenplay is predictable and the second half gets slightly slower. But as mentioned earlier, the screen presence of Jr NTR is more than enough to eclipse them.

Rating : 5/10

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