“I have to neutralize my mind for giving good music” - AR Rahman

Academy award winner AR Rahman when asked about the secret of good music revealed it all

News 26-Sep-2017 3:44 PM IST RM Comments

AR Rahman has been significantly getting the best headlines much alike any time. His recent release ‘One Heart’ Concert film has managed to a bigger sweep. The academy award winner is currently working on multiple projects including International movie with Majidi Majid. When interacting with a particular news channel, the anchor happened to ask him on how he gives best and good music.

AR Rahman gave a soft spoken response saying, “I neutralize my mind. I keep away from distractions through spirituality. I have people to take care of my other needs like paying my tax, household works and this makes me more inclined to my work.”

The academy award winner uttered that one has to keep the heart and soul pure to give good music.

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