Spyder Movie Review

A different issue handpicked with engaging narration

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Direction : AR Murugadoss
Production : NVR Cinema
Starring : Mahesh Babu, Bharath, Rakul Preet Singh, S. J. Surya, RJ Balaji
Music : Harris Jayaraj
Cinematography : Santosh Sivan
Editing : Sreekar Prasad

Spyder – The title looked unconventional for SPY and Spider is known for weaving web. So is it about a spy thriller?

Even we had the same assumptions before watching the film. In fact, there were many claims stating that Spyder would be a spy thriller. But in contrary, it has nothing to do with spy, but it’s a blunt thriller. Mahesh Babu works in Intelligence Bureau, where his job is to trap calls. Although he is over qualified for the job, he loves doing it and even mysteriously solves the problems of many strangers even without their knowledge. His motto is “The world’s best joy is to help some unknown faces.” But his life takes a turn when he comes across series of brutal murders happening.

Many times, we tend to see that in the name of bilingual films, most of the scenes are dubbed. How about Spyder?

This was yet another question that prolonged in our minds. But you will get surprised to see that it looks fresh like a direct Tamil movie. Hats off to Mahesh Babu for exerting tremendous efforts over dubbing, which makes it a complete Tamil movie. Moreover, most of the actors in the film belong to Tamil so it doesn’t create any hurdles. Be it SJ Surya or Bharath, they make it more like a Tamil movie. Thanks to the casting director.

Wait a sec! SJ Surya – Can’t wait to hear how he has performed?

Is that really a question? Everyone knows SJ Surya is someone who sleepwalks with effortless yet brilliant work. He plays an antagonist, but don’t ask us about his characterization for it would be a spoiler. His very entry into the screens during a crucial moment sparks off the power. He has just exhibited an outstanding performance.

Everyone loves his hilarious body language and dialogue delivery style. Has AR Murugadoss got it best from him?

Definitely! In couple of scenes, he just blows you up with inevitable laughter although he must be actually gaining our wrath in those situations. That’s the success of a villain and that’s power of a characterization.

Having spoken about ‘Characterization’. Tell us about other actors and their performances?

Yes, AR Murugadoss has conceptualized a different pattern of story and screenplay is excellent. But making a film for Telugu audiences should actually carry certain commercial elements. So it evidently confines to showing a childlike heroine, police officers who are always witnessing hero perform all actions and so on. This might look little odd, but gradually gets diminished by the strong plus points. Bharath appears in just couple of scenes, but gets his portions done well. One of the biggest strengths about characterizations is that ARM gives them a detailed sketch, especially for SJ Suryah narrated through other characters that make his role powerful.

Harris Jayaraj-Santhosh Sivan-Sreekar Prasad – A big bang comeback after Thuppakki?

This trio imparted excellent technical qualities in Thuppakki as a combination. Yes, Santhosh Sivan completes changes his dimension of visuals with different colours and tone from what we have seen in his erstwhile movies. A ton of appreciations to Sreekar Prasad for he doesn’t let you aware of transiting from one scene to another. The transitions are just smooth and good. But it’s a slight letdown by Harris Jayaraj. He must really come out of his zone and try something different with songs and BGM. Since, the drama and screenplay is kept intact with engaging moments, the songs doesn’t get noticed to be a minus though.

AR Murugadoss movies usually carry a message…

Conveying message directly or indirectly has been a part of AR Murugadoss movies right from his second outing ‘Ramana’. So far, he has focused upon the cruel social evils like corruption, women harassment, depriving farmers of their rights, etc. But here, he gets deep into the inmost abyss of human psychology, which indeed is the root cause of world problems. This is a genuine attempt from AR Murugadoss, which even justifies the characterization of villain.

Verdict : A different issue handpicked with engaging narration

Rating : 5.5/10

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