Throwback Thursday - The actor who addressed the ‘Makkal Thilakam’ as Mr. MGR!

The actor who addressed the ‘Makkal Thilakam’ as Mr. MGR!

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Decades ago, when the music compers were reigning as emperors in the film industry, comedian N. S. Krishnan came up to attract the attention of the common public through his songs and action.After N. S. Krishnan, the next major actor who attracted the common public was Chandrababu.

Actor Chandrababu was the one who brought the fashion of wearing a costume of smart coat and suit. He had the habit of addressing even the VIPs and the ‘big shots’ by adding Mr or Miss or Mrs before their names. He was the only actor who addressed MGR as ‘Mr. MGR”.

He also had the habit of chatting with the legendary actor Sivaji Ganesan, calling him in close friendly terms (in Tamil Vaada and Poda!!) taking the extra liberty.

Chandrababu was a multi-talented personality – he displayed his skills as an actor, singer, producer, story writer, and director. He had also learned the foreign dancing styles and was an expert.
Chandrababu’s melancholic and philosophical and comedy songs won huge popularity from the film fans.

A few songs from Chandrababu which remain immortal and syill proving great entertainment will include - ‘Kunguma poove konjum purave’, Unakkaga ellam unakkaga’, ‘babara kannlae’, ‘Naanoru muttalunga’, ‘pirakkumpodhum azhugindram’, ‘sirippu varudhu sirippu varudhu’, ‘onnume puriyala ulgathla’, ‘porandhalum aambalaya porakka koodathu’, ‘budhiyulla manidharellam vetri kaanbathillai’, and ‘yennai theriayaliya innum puriyaliaya’.

It is, indeed, an extraordinary fact. That only Chandrababu’s melancholic and philosophical songs won great appreciation and popularity from the film fans and still continue to do so!

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