Aval Teaser Review

Aval Teaser Review

Features 4-Oct-2017 3:30 PM IST RM Comments

Siddarth taking a long hiatus from showbiz nearly for a 18 months had kept everyone wondered what he’s up to. His last outing ‘Jil Jung Juk’ released before a very long time was highly appreciated for a different dimension. Now the actor is back with ‘Aval’, a trilingual film simultaneously made in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi.

The first attraction of Aval teaser is that it brings forth a never-seen-before visual experience. Mute the teaser and you’ll feel it like a Night Shyamalan flick. Such happens to be the tone of cinematography, which gives an international feel. In fact, this might even turn out to be an outlandish impact as Tamil audiences might not feel the regional touch here. Well, this cannot be a judgmental thing for the moment for we have to wait and watch it with the full length feature.

During this point of time, where supernatural thrillers are found in plenty, this might actually give us a doubt on the reception among Tamil audiences. But at the same point of time, this isn’t clearly shown whether it’s a horror or psychological thriller.

The sound effects are yet another highlighting trait here and the edit cuts revealing almost everyone in the cast along with brief about the characterizations in the movie.

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