Nenjil Thunivirundhal Music Review

D Imman’s commercial attempt clicks halfway

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Following four back to back movies, both Suseendiran and D Imman are coming together again for ‘Nenjil Thunivirundhal’. The film features Sundeep Kishan, Mehreen and Vikranth in lead roles. The album has seven tracks, which are based on different genres. Let us have a look into them.

Yechacha Yechacha
Singer: Jithin Raj
Lyrics: Vairamuthu

Before analyzing the song, we need to make a special mention for the ones, who ideated the concept. Usually, when the guys booze in love failure, it would be a song against love or ladies, but in contradiction, it’s a song that praises the women. Good work by entire team and it will definitely make a good show in theatres. A reply to the same team’s Othakada Machchan from Pandiya Nadu as in terms of lyrical approach. Jithin Raj makes a commendable effort here. The song reminds us off ‘Virrru Virru’ from ‘Rekka’, which was composed by D Imman.

Rail Aaraaroo
Singers: Pradeep Kumar, Shreya Ghoshal

A usual number from D Imman! These days, he tries to blend melodies with rock patterned rhythms. The song without those guitar works and with strings alone would have made it a neat and beautiful melody. Moreover, Shreya Ghoshal sometimes fails to make it with high pitched trendy songs. But then, Pradeep Kumar sustains his routine flash points here.

Aram Seyya Virumbu
Singer: Hariharan

The best one in the entire album and it gives a soulful touch. Everything involving musical, vocalism and lyrical components are very well projected. The song is definitely going to be touching everyone’s hearts. The makers must make a special effort in getting it reached towards the far-flung corners with vivid promotions. Hariharan makes the song lovelier with his exquisitely elegant voice. The chimes, Veena and minutest instrumental works have beautiful impact.

Singer: Aditya Rao and Sharanya Gopinath

An ordinary pick that might have its realms with the visuals and it doesn’t get us anything special for the moments. Both Aditya Rao and Sharanya Gopinath give their best though.

Aei Arakka
Singer: Benny Dayal

An electrifying song that gives an energy with its words and music. Benny Dayal has always been someone, who would make such songs more emblazoned. This song is no exception, where he pulls off with extraordinary effect. It sounds like the song would be placed in a crucial point of the movie.

Dark Rooster – Theme Music

The theme music comes offering a mix of mystery, fantasy and something really engaging together. The running duration is just 1 min 53 seconds. The percussions are the biggest plus here.

Badass – Theme Music

More than the musical style, D Imman has focused more upon the ‘Sound’ elements here. It is definitely going to be a fantabulous one to hear on the surround system. It is a signature theme picked from Aei Arakka.

Overall, Nenjil Thunivirundhal carries music that is essential for this respective commercial genre. Couple of songs titled ‘Yechacha’ and ‘Aram Seidhu Pazhagu’ are good picks for the first time you hear it and rest are just on the mediocre run for now.

Verdict : D Imman’s commercial attempt clicks halfway.

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