Kee Teaser Review

Kee Teaser Review

Features 7-Oct-2017 2:37 PM IST RM Comments

Wait a sec! What’s this actually? Are the makers of ‘Kee’ getting into a crazy mode? Tamil cinema has been ardently following a pattern of teaser, where the running length would be just a minute or lesser than such duration. But Kee stands out to be a huge surprisal for it has something beyond our imaginations. It has duration of 120 seconds, which is almost like a theatrical trailer.

If you’re keenly looking into comments section of this trailer, you can find someone saying, “Then what? Trailer will be a 6-minute version is what?”

Well, it has a mix of sarcasm and some praise as well.

What really hits our attention by the first few seconds are sound effects and mixing. All credit goes to Suren G. Secondly, the musical score by Vishal Chandrashekar and then it’s editing by Nagooran. These three highlighting traits make the teaser look so much stylish.

Apart from these brilliant flash points, it’s the concept that filmmaker Kalees, who makes an impressive spell. Everything is so much amazing about the film. What we get to notice here is that Jiiva isn’t try to conquer the show, but is a part of this film. It looks like he will be proving to be a director’s actor yet again. In the recent times, we have been coming across many such movies based on cyber crime. This one gets much intense as we can sense from teaser.

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