5 Malayalam songs that conquered Tamil territories to watch the movie

5 Malayalam songs that conquered Tamil territories to watch the movie

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Tamil has been the origin of ancient art forms and folklores have been an intriguing part of our culture. But then, it has never failed to welcome and spread out the red carpets for anyone with high potentials. This has been passed on as a heritage for years, which has been witnessed with the way fans and audiences of Tamil cinema welcome the neighbouring contents as well. In this context, we bring you 5 songs that became a viral hit in Tamil territories, where audiences wanted to watch those films only for a particular song.

1. Lajavathiyae (4 The People)

This film was released exactly before 13 years. This was a time when Malayalam cinema was going through routine pattern of movies with dark and dull backdrops in dramatic and musical context. But all of sudden, it took a huge leap with this colourful song. Moreover, the presence of Bharath and Gopika, the charming actors at that time made Tamil audiences turn their attention towards them. In fact, this was the time, when YouTube and Facebook were at the initial phase and hadn’t been a priority of audiences. Later, this movie was dubbed in Tamil as ‘4 The People’ and the audiences thronged to theatres for this song and another one ‘Annakili’. In fact, Jassie Gift was immediately signed in many Tamil songs for playback singing.

2. Maangalyam (Bangalore Days)

By the time of Bangalore Days, almost all the young superstars like Dulquer Salmaan, Nivin Pauly and Fahadh Faasil had become famous in Tamil zones. Although, the trailer was amazingly received well, especially one among the first Malayalam trailers to have English subtitles, it was the song ‘Maangalyam’ that took everyone by storming sensation. Especially, It was the time when the news about Nazriya and Fahadh Faasil was officially announced. As a matter of fact, the same song was played for the wedding ceremony of duo, where Dulquer Salmaan also performed as in the film.

3. Malare (Premam)

Director Alphonse Puthren and producer Anwar Rasheed just planned to make a creative promotion of releasing the promo materials only on social media pages. In fact, when Premam was released, none in Chennai knew about it and everyone was just eyeing for ‘Ivide’, which again featured Nivin Pauly and Prithviraj together. Only 1-2 weeks, the song became viral herein Chennai and others parts of Tamil Nadu getting the movie reach nearly 230 days and it was re-released again to reach a milestone of 250-300 days. Although, Nivin Pauly had exhibited so much of nuance performances in many movies, it was this song and film that got him madness overloaded among fans.

4. Idukki (Maheshinte Prathikaram)

This Fahadh Faasil-Aparna starrer Maheshinte Prathikaram got released with a much fanfare in Kerala. But in Tamil Nadu, it remained so much silent for a while. The video song of Idukki with new edited visuals got viral in YouTube. In fact, the song made everyone in awe of heavenly visuals of Idukki, which prompted them to go for other songs gradually getting a successful run of 50 days in Chennai.

5. Jimikki Kamal (Velipinte Pusthakam)

The song needs no introduction. Forget about Sherlin, who was given an overdose of hype that was given here in Tamil zones. But the song had its impactful stroke of YouTube’s most sensational viral hit in the recent times. In fact, by the time, Jimikki Kammal had became famous in Tamil Nadu, the film was already removed in almost all the theatres leaving audiences slightly disappointed to have missed the fun of song in theatres. Aftermath, Mohanlal too appeared for a special performance in the video to thank everyone for making this song a hit.

There are many songs from Jacobinte Swargarajyam, Anarkali, Ennu Ninte Moideen and lots more that gained an instant attraction in Tamil Nadu. But these are the top 5 songs that created huge ever out here.

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